La Rocca looks to stay sharp as he heads towards 2012


Looking to keep behind the wheel and stay sharp during the off season, Venezuelan pilot Robert La Rocca competed in an SCCA event at Sebring International Raceway. Competing in an F2000 machine, La Rocca claimed a pair of pole positions, main event victories and flirted with the track record. 

"It is always great being behind the wheel of a racecar," expressed La Rocca. "I live for the speed and try and perfect my racecraft with each and every outing. Staying in the seat during the off season will go a long way in making for a very successful 2012. The guys at Auto Errante - HP Tech Motorsport are just as determined as I am and it makes for a great team."

Taking place at the famed Sebring International Raceway, La Rocca was able to sweep the weekend's competition. Qualifying pole for both events, La Rocca flirted with the track record on several occasions throughout the weekend. Dipping below the set mark, La Rocca was unable to put a time in during official competition to take the record. Improving the car with each and every outing, La Rocca and crew continue to develop the Ralph Firman Racing F2000 machine. Having raced at Sebring earlier in the year, La Rocca and crew had baseline information on setup and times, and looked to improve upon that.

La Rocca continued, "I am looking forward to next season. We have a lot of plans in the works and will have something official in the very near future. In the mean time, I will continue to work with my team to improve the Ralph Firman Racing car through research and development to give it the best possible chance of crossing the finish line first."

Taking the Christmas break to spend time with his family, Robert La Rocca will be back in January in his Formula 3 debut. Traveling to Brazil for the Brazilian F3 Open, La Rocca will compete at the famed Interlagos Circuit with drivers from around the world including the Italian and British F3 Championships. In what will be his first time in the car, the Venezuelan driver will look to turn heads against some of the world's most talented up and coming drivers. 

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