Adrián Campos becomes Facu Regalia´s manager

Adrián Campos closed an arrangement to work with Facu Regalia, Argentina´s driver but living currently in Spain. Campos worked in the past with other big names such as Antonio García or Fernando Alonso.

Facu Regalia, who was born on November 23th 1991, has an unusual career in motorsport. His career started in karting just like a hobby when he was fourteen years old but, after his good results at the beginning, in 2006 and 2007 he placed himself on an equal footing with more experienced drivers.It meant to make his debut in singleseater racing, in 2008 and 2009, when he raced in Formula BMW. During his maiden season, he was third in rookie classification and, then, his result let him to move a step forward in his motorsport career.

2011 has been his consolidation year, because he achieved his first podium finishes in Italian Formula 3. His results weren´t unnoticed for Campos, who has decided to pledge support for Regalia. Regalia places like a possible Formula 1 driver in coming years.

After this arrangement, Facu explained that “I´m happy about working with Adrián. He has a huge experience in motorsport racing, more than 30 years, and for sure he is a person who can help me a lot. 2012 is a decisive moment in my career and I´ve to take the right steps, and I´m sure working with Adrián we can get it. I´m really motivated because of this chance and our arrangement. It will be a pleasure to work with him, and learning from him. No doubts this is exactly which I was needing for my motorsport career. Adrián is an important name in motorsport and it´s a pleasure to have his help. I´ll try my best in 2012”.

On the other hand, Campos explained that “Facu is a kind of driver who generates expectations. In my opinion is worth working with him and I think he can provide us a lot of joy. Our main target is to take the correct steps to put Facu at the wheel of Formula 1 car as soon as possible”.