Zele Racing targets Auto GP commitment

Auto GP keeps attracting more and more interest as Austrian Team Zele-Racing is ready to join the Championship for 2012 and beyond.Founded (in 2002) and managed by Michael Zele, the outfit has a broad experience: it raced in World Series by Nissan, Superfund Euro3000 and was involved in several projects such as the stillborn Formula Superfund from 2005 until 2007. It also joined forces with german Motopark Academy (Formula Renault) in 2008 and Epsilon Barazi (LMS and British F3) in 2009, experiences that brought the team an impressive amount of data and knowledge. Besides this Zele Racing also has an activity for privateers that includes EuroBOSS and BossGP, and a private testing team that includes GP2 and Sportscars.With such an experience it’s clear that the team has what it takes to compete with the best outfits in Auto GP, and is ready to prove it already in 2012.Enzo Coloni: “It’s amazing to see the amount of interest that we are receiving for next season, and Mr. Zele’s commitment is a further proof of that. We had already spoken about a possible commitment in the previous seasons, and his decision to finally step in now means that he has perceived the steady growth of our championship.  I’m happy to welcome him in the Series, with such a wide-range experience on high-powered cars I’m sure that it won’t take long for them to be able to challenge for wins and podiums”. Michael Zele: “We had been tempted to enter AutoGP already 2 years ago. Nowadays it looks like AutoGP is the only logical stepping stone for ambitious young drivers to gain experience in big single-seaters without spending the horrendous budgets required in other categories. Furthermore, running with the WTCC and having Eurosport coverage is a fantastic media-tool, and the updates introduced to the Lola chassis and Zytek engine made the AutoGP car the best value for money. We are happy to finally have the possibility to work with Enzo Coloni. We know each other for many years and obviously we have big respect for what he has achieved in the past 30 years in racing. Our aim is to create a winning package with a strong driver line-up. From a technical point of view the Lola chassis is not new to us at all. Our engineering staff with GP2, AutoGP and WSbR experience is top class, so I am confident that we can provide a winning package”.

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