Suzuki GRANDys duo signs former Polish Superstock 1000 Champion Bartek Wiczynski

Former Polish Superstock 1000 Champion Bartek Wiczynski has signed to race for the Suzuki GRANDys duo team in 2012 aboard the team's GSX-R1000.

Bartek - who won the 2005 series and who rode for the GRANDys duo team between 2004 and 2007 at World Endurance, European Championship and FIM Superstock 1000 Cup level - will be joined by team-mate and multi-Polish Superstock Champion Andy Meklau.

Bartek Wiczynski:

"I'm very glad to ride with Andy in new season. Although I've raced with Andy for many years, I can still learn a lot from him. I'm looking forward for being on the top Polish Championship team again and riding in the team where I achieved my best successes."

Jacek Grandys - Suzuki GRANDys duo Team Manager:

"We have never closed the doors for Bartek to ride in our team and I always believed that some day he would return home. He has great potential and I'm sure that by joining Andy in the team, he will make great progress. Meklau and Wiczynski is the strongest duo in Polish Superstock 1000 and I believe the best team and manufacturer in Superstock 1000 and the title will return to us this year."

Bartek Wiczynski Career History:

2011: 4th Polish Superbike Championship. 2010: 5th Polish Superbike Championship. 2009: 2nd Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2008: 2nd Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2007: 2nd Polish Superstock 1000 Championship, 4th place European Superstock 1000 Championship. 2006: 3rd Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2005: Superstock 1000 Polish Champion. 2004: 6th Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2003: 7th Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2002: 7th Polish Superstock 1000 Championship. 2001: 5th Polish Supersport 400 Championship. 2000: 125cc Sport Production Polish Champion. 1999: 6th NSR 125 Cup. 1998: 12th NSR 125 Cup.

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