Fifth place for Regalia on Monza Auto GP test debut

Fifth place for Regalia at Monza during official test day - Young Argentina´s driver finished in good shape in last pre-season test before his debut in the Auto GP World Series driving for Campos Racing.

First meeting is scheduled in one week´s time.

Facu Regalia concluded his pre-season tests in the Auto GP World Series, one of two championships where he will race this year with Campos Racing. At the wheel of Campos Racing´s Lola B05/52-Zytek, a car whose power is almost 600bhp, Regalia completed a good official test day, improving over the course of the day and always among the fastest drivers.

Regalia, who was 5th in the morning with a best time of 1:38.400, improved to 1:37.303 in the afternoon and finishing the same place, four tenths behind Sergio Campana.

Regalia, at the end, explained that “I was on top early in the morning, but afterwards my time was beaten by drivers on new tyres. We needed to solve different problems, both wing and brakes, but nothing really serious. We focused our efforts on understeer, because I was having problems approaching the fastest Monza´s bends. In the afternoon, we had amended those problems”. Argentina´s driver added too that “both my engineer and I moved a step forward, because on old tires I set a time of 1:38.2, really competitive under the circumstances. My car was radically different despite was suffering from oversteer at the end. Anyway I think I could have improved my best time around one or two tenths”.

The Auto GP World Series kicks off next week at Monza, where first meeting of 2012 season is scheduled. “I feel motivated and confident to approach this first meeting ever in the Auto GP championship- It is a venue that every driver knows, but I think a good result is possible”, Regalia ended.

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