Sonangol Africa Eco Race


After the success of the 4th Sonangol Africa Eco Race, Cross Country Rally which was held at the beginning of this year in France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, the Deserts Adventures’ team is already working to prepare the 2013 edition which will be rich in novelties...

The Sonangol Africa Eco Race organizers are teeming with ideas for the next edition 2013. An event of about 6500 kms in Africa does not get ready without thinking. It is always necessary to innovate in order for the competitors to continue to live an extraordinary adventure. Open to Bike, Quad, Car, SSV, Open/Score and Truck categories, the event creates an extraordinary atmosphere, competitors are asking for information.

Prepare your diaries: the Sonangol Africa Eco Race 2013 will be held from December 27th 2012 to January 9th 2013 !

The route is  being finalised, indeed, the week after the 2012 event finished, René Metge was crossing Mauritania’s tracks and came back with great ideas. These tracks will be validated before summer during pre-reconnaissance made by René Metge and José Servia who will, among others, have to determine the sectors used for a new category: "Sonangol Africa Race Classic".

« Sonangol Africa Race Classic »

A race within the race reserved for vehicles built before 1986. What is it about ? The Sonangol Africa Race Classic competitors will use the same tracks as the competitors of the Rally (except dunes crossings) on a distance not exceeding 200 km of special. Of course, they will benefit from the same logistic and medical facilities as the event.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for Africa lovers and vehicles of exception to be immersed in the heart of a big Rally. The Sonangol Africa Race Classic participants will share the bivouac with the Sonangol Africa Eco Race competitors.

"Le Raid by Sonangol Africa Eco Race"

The Raid by Sonangol Africa Eco Race As previously, the Raid participants will follow the event on parallel tracks, without chronometer constraints. A great alternative for passionate persons of Cross Country, in bike, quad, car or truck (series or prepared), who can discover the African marvels and the Rally Raid requirements, supervised by specialists. Registrations to the Sonangol Africa Eco Race will be opened on April 16th 2012. Preferential rates will be set up according to the dates of registration, but also for those who will return on the event and who will be rewarded for their loyalty!

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