SCCA Pro Racing Mazda MX-5 Playboy Cup

/Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Pro Challenge Kicks Off At Sebring International Raceway

This past week, racers from all over the country gathered at the historic Sebring International Raceway for the 60th Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring Fueled by “Fresh from Florida.” Within this elite class of athletes was the Skip Barber Racing School MAZDASPEED Pro Challenge class of the SCCA Pro Racing Mazda MX-5 Playboy Cup.  Dennis Trebing experienced a great race week sweeping both races. Skip Barber Racing School’s class ran alongside the SCCA Pro Racing Mazda MX-5 Playboy cup field, to make it a total field of 28 cars running.

Race 1

Dennis Trebing started the race on pole. Trebing starts off well and breaks away from the rest of the pack. Dan Moen also has a good start and begins to maneuver his way and picks off two MX-5 Cup cars. Going into lap 3, Zach Lee, who started the race in second, begins to feel pressure from David Knight who has succeeded in making his way from the back of the pack to third. Moen is also close behind. Trebing continues to breakaway from the pack and extends his lead significantly. Moen manages to take second, but Knight and Lee don't let him out of their sight. Knight finally makes a pop for second and takes it from Moen who drops off to fourth. Lee is now in third. Lee is pressuring Knight as they enter turn 1, but Knight holds strong to second. Trebing takes the win followed by Knight and Lee.

                            Dennis Trebing David Knight  Zach Lee  Fastest Lap Time  2:33.964  /2:34.465 /2:34.417 

Race 2

Dennis Trebing started the race on pole. Zach Lee makes an early pop for first and overtakes Trebing early in the race. Trebing is right behind him and isn't giving up. The two drivers are nose to tail. Trebing overtakes Lee and begins extending his lead. David Knight makes his way up the pack and slides into third.  Knight continues to maneuver his way through each corner and extends his position by ten car lengths. Dan Moen, who is in fourth, doesn’t let up and continues to push to catch Knight.  Trebing, who is driving beautifully, is comfortably in front of the pack. Knight begins to drop off, which allows Moen to succeed in overtaking the third position. Bryan Hixon begins pressuring Knight in fourth and shortly after, overtakes Knight who falls to fifth. Trebing takes the win followed by Lee in second and Moen in third.

                             Dennis Trebing /Zach Lee / Dan Moen Fastest Lap Time  2:33.561  /2:35.400/ 2:36.086