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Rally Route Although the route covers familiar territory in the Serra do Caldeirão hills above the Algarve, more than 25 per cent has not been used before and almost 36 per cent is new from 2011.  Estádio Algarve, built on the edge of Faro for the 2004 European Soccer Championships, is again the base and hosts the single service park. 

Thursday’s start ceremony and opening speed test is 300km north alongside Lisbon’s Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before drivers return to Faro via three night-time tests in the Alentejo region.  Friday’s action north-east of Faro provides most of the new roads. 

The last two days, held further north, are virtually unchanged from last year, except for Sunday’s short Sambro test.  The second pass forms the Power Stage, with bonus points on offer for the fastest three drivers.  Competitors tackle 22 stages and 434.77km in a route of 1564.26km.  

Wednesday 28 March: QualifyingQS      Vale do Judeu             4.96km 10.40Thursday 29 March: Day 1 Lisbon - FaroStart   Lisbon Imperio                  14.55SS1     SSS Lisboa               3.27km  15.00SS2     Gomes Aires             10.19km 20.19SS3     Santa Clara             14.29km 20.49SS4     Ourique         11.10km 21.25Serv A  Algarve Stadium (flexi 45 mins)         22.30Finish   Algarve Stadium                 23.15Total                          38.85km    

Friday 30 March: Day 2: Faro - FaroServ B  Algarve Stadium (15 mins)                       11.00SS5     Tavira 1                        25.01km 12.01SS6     Alcarias 1                      25.15km 12.36SS7     S. Brás de Alportel 1           16.18km 13.28Serv C  Algarve Stadium (30 mins)                       14.40SS8     Tavira 2                        25.01km 15.56SS9     Alcarias 2                      25.15km 16.31SS10    S. Brás de Alportel 2           16.18km 17.23Serv D  Algarve Stadium (flexi 45 mins)         18.20Finish   Algarve Stadium                 19.05 Total                         132.68km

Saturday 31 March: Day 3: Faro - FaroServ E  Algarve Stadium (15 mins)                       08.30SS11    Almodôvar 1                     26.22km 09.49SS12    Vascão 1                        25.29km 10.43SS13    Loulé 1                 22.57km 11.33Serv F  Algarve Stadium (30 mins)                       13.05SS14    Almodôvar 2                     26.22km 14.39SS15    Vascão 2                        25.29km 15.33SS16    Loulé 2                 22.57km 16.23Serv G  Algarve Stadium (flexi 45 mins)         17.40Finish   Algarve Stadium                 18.25 Total                         148.16kmSunday 1 April: Day 3: Faro - FaroServ H  Algarve Stadium (15 mins)                       06.55SS17    Silves 1                        21.42km 07.59SS18    Santana da Serra 1              31.04km 08.52SS19    Sambro 1                          5.08km  09.42Serv I  Algarve Stadium (30 mins)                       10.39SS20    Silves 2                        21.42km 12.23SS21    Santana da Serra 2              31.04km 13.16SS22    Sambro 2                          5.08km  14.10Finish   Algarve Stadium                 15.30

Total                               115.08kmRally total                         434.77km

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