Radaelli: Our goal is to win Superstars and stay at the front in GTSprint

Audi Sport Italia Team Manager Emilio Radaelli talks about the new Audi RS5 for SUPERSTARS while waiting to field an Audi R8 LMS in GTSPRINT

Audi Sport Italia Team Manager Emilio Radaelli has an incredibly successful reputation, and is ready to get the job done again in 2012. After having cruised to title with the Audi RS4 in 2007 and 2008, the Novara-based squad is looking forward to repeat with the RS5 model this season.

"The RS5 - says Radaelli - is the natural evolution of the RS4's concept. It has the same strengths but, of course, is a 10 year younger project with much better performance as a result. The main advantage of the RS5 is Audi DNA in terms of engineering: the engine is closer to the center of the car and that's an huge advantage. It turns out that the car has a great balance. Unlike other brands, Audi is always looking forward to a better balance between the chassis and the engine. It's not just a matter of increasing the power, but also having the right amount of power necessary to take full advantage of the car's potential."

There are two pillars in this season's line-up. The successful pairing with Gianni Morbidelli and the support given to two European teams at their SUPERSTARS debut, how did the decision come?

“Audi Sport Italia is the Italian outfit of Audi Sport and having an all-italian team/driver pair was key. Morbidelli has raced with us for a long time, cruising to the win the Italian Championship in 2007 and 2008 and we're sure he will be able to keep our banner high with the RS5 too. We then managed to bring some international squads in SUPERSTARS. They were interested and already tied to Audi, and will take full advantage of our know-how despite working in full autonomy. Ww will have the same structure but everyone will speak in their language. Audi Sport MTM is lining-up with youngster Thomas Schoeffler, who will be at his learning year. Swedish racer Johan Kristofferson has more experience but mainly at local level: he only raced in Germany and Sweden and will be followed by the KMS team."

The last question is about the Audi R8 LMS, will it be back in GTSPRINT?

“Our interest, and we already working on it, is to be able to field it from Mugello: we want to line-up with the R8 LMS for a complete program after last year's part-time appearances. We will make it official as soon as we will be delivered the new car".

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