Trident Racing enjoys positive first run at Sepang

Trident Racing rounded out their first race day of the year in the 2012 GP2 Main Series at Sepang, Malaysia. Both drivers managed to finish the race: Julian Leal ended his day in 15th place, while Stéphane Richelmi took the 18th spot.

Leal drove a recovery race after suffering from an unlucky break in qualifying that cost him the 22nd spot on the grid. The Colombian did not make mistakes and managed to fight back despite the tense battle that animated the mid-pack.

Richelmi experienced a great first part of the race as he improved his position up to the top-10. His comeback took its toll on tires though and he was forced to an early pit-stop.Back on-track, Stéphane experienced a lengthy battle with Tom Dillmann, and he slightly touched him while dueling. Race control penalized him with 20 seconds to be added to his laptime, and that meant one spot lost in charts.

He will start from the 9th row of tomorrow's grid.In the closing race of the Malaysian GP2 Series weekend, Leal will take-off from 15th. The 22-lap race will take-off at 13:15 local time (7:15 AM CET) with a wide international live TV coverage.

Julian Leal

"I'm happy with the work done by the team because I always had a good pace today. I paid the price of the bad fortunes suffered in qualifying and today I became certain that we were deserving more. Especially with the second set of tires I had the chance to fight and gain positions, that makes me quite confident for tomorrow."

Stéphane Richelmi

“The first part of the race has been really good. I got some positions back but when I passed Cecotto I got a little too much wheelspin on the rear tires. I didn't think I could have had such an extensive wear. So I had to ask the team to anticipate my tire change because I was running on high laptimes and losing positions. After the pit-stop I recovered and when I was in the slipstream of Dillmann I braked in the usual place and slightly touched him. Nothing particularly big as my nosecone didn't have a single scratch, but race control decided to penalize me. I will treasure this experience for the future."

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