Tyre struggles lead Coloni to a difficult GP2 race 2

Fabio Onidi and Stefano Coletti finished in P14 and P23 respectively in today’s Sprint Race on the Sakhir circuit.

With Onidi starting from pole Scuderia Coloni had high hopes, but in the end the race proved to be a difficult one for the team, with both drivers posting a good performance in the early laps and then fading later, when tyre wear started being an issue.

Starting from pole, Onidi got off the line with too much wheelspin and dropped to P6, but after that his first half of the race was good. Involved in a long fight with Razia and Ericsson, Fabio boasted a good pace and was steadiliy holding 7th place when, with 6 laps to go, he started losing grip at the rear. The Italian did all he could to keep up, but lap after lap he dropped to 14th place.

Coletti’s first half of the race was even more amazing: starting from P24 after yesterday’s clash with Van der Garde, Stefano chose a wide line at the start and after the first corner he was already 13th: after that his pace in the first laps was just stunning: on lap 2 he overtook Berthon for P12, then passed for Crestani for P11 and on lap 5 he was already ninth after overtaking both Haryanto and Gonzalez. His race seemed going towards a sure points finish but on lap 10 his tyres already started giving up and the situation got worse quickly, forcing him to pit.Paolo Coloni: “We have mixed feelings at the end of this race. On one hand, we saw in the first laps that our cars were really quick, so we know we have the pace. On the other hand, seeing our drivers dropping down the order after half race due to tyre wear is obviously disappointing.I know that Fabio is very disappointed for his start also, but he shouldn’t worry about that, feeling the pressure at your first start from pole in GP2 is quite normal, he will have other chances. Concerning Stefano we did a setup change on his car that proved to be very good for performance, as his amazing recovery in the first laps showed. But, more importantly, looking at the data after the race we finally understood the reason for the high tyre degradation we were suffering. Our engineers are already at work to solve that, so I’m sure that next weekend we’ll be again in contention for the top spots”.

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