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POOLE skipper Chris Holder returns to Elite League action at Wolverhampton on Monday after a dramatic win in the European Grand Prix.Holder got the better of Polish track specialists Tomasz Gollob and Jarek Hampel in the Final of the Leszno-staged event, to move up to fifth in the overall standings.He said: “New Zealand was no good and I’m not worried about that one now. Maybe (son) Max being born that morning did something to me subconsciously. But this one was awesome and I can’t ask for much more. I was more serious in practice and it worked out.“When the pressure was on, I performed. I needed to make my two gate ones I had count and I did. I can’t ask for any more.”


BERWICK boss Ian Rae believes his side’s display in their 50-43 League Cup win over Newcastle demonstrates their potential for a strong Premier League campaign.The Bandits’ top two of Ricky Ashworth and Sebastian Alden were paid for 27-points against the Diamonds, and Rae was happy with the support from elsewhere in the team.Rae said: “We’re a solid side, and the skill is developing nicely every week. Ricky, Seb and Lee (Complin) are simply spectacular, and Lubos (Tomicek) is scoring steadily. Alex’s (Edberg) confidence is coming back more and more every week as is Jason King’s who, despite his lower scores is not off the pace and is usually banging away in the thick of it.“Newcastle are no pushovers and to take all League Cup points from them is testament to our solidity which will carry us far in 2012.”


SUNDAY APRIL 29:LEAGUE CUP: Glasgow v Edinburgh 4pm, Leicester v Plymouth 6pm, Newcastle v Redcar 6.30NATIONAL LEAGUE: Mildenhall v Buxton OFF

MONDAY APRIL 30: SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Peterborough v Lakeside OFF, Wolverhampton v Poole 7.30

TUESDAY MAY 1:NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP 2nd leg: Isle of Wight v Rye House 7.30

WEDNESDAY MAY 2:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 8pmNATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP 2nd leg: King’s Lynn v Mildenhall 7.30

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