Barwa Addax Team start the European stage of the season at the Montmelo circuit


Barwa Addax Team start the European stage of the season at the Montmelo circuit, Barcelona, this coming weekend, from the 11th to the 13th of May, hoping for a major change of fortune after a poor start to the season. They have faith that all members of the team are working in the right way, that the engineers and mechanics have always known how to set up the cars well on these circuits and that their drivers, Johnny Cecotto y Josef Král, have both the quality and experience to turn this situation right round.

Johnny Cecotto, has had a really unfortunate start to the season. Anything that could have gone wrong, has! He has had problems with the engine, an unlucky pit stop, he was crashed into and forced to abandon another race, sanctions from the race stewards etc.  A whole series of unfortunate incidents that have deprived him of having any possibility of making a good showing because he was either relegated to the back of the field or was shunted off the track, making it impossible for him to do anything in Sunday’s race from the back of the grid. Nevertheless, he has shown signs that he is ready to battle it out with the best and he hopes to be competitive in the following races.

Josef Král, returns to the Spanish team set up with the same illusion and desire that he had at the start of the season, if not more. Král demonstrated in Malaysia that he is one of the most important drivers in the field this season and that Barwa Addax Team are delighted to work again with him. The team is sure that, despite having missed out on two events, and the fact that he will be competing on circuits that knows well, it will make it easier for him to get back into point scoring positions.

Johnny Cecotto, official Barwa Addax Team driver:” I can't wait for Barcelona to final make the points we didn't get in the first 3 races because of lack of luck. We worked hard to prepare this race and I'm sure we can get good results here”.

Josef Kràl, official Barwa Addax team driver: “We did very good debrief after Malaysia so I am sure we learnt a lot and which should make is quicker. Also the preparation for the race went very well and the time which we spent on the simulator was very useful as well. Montmelo will be a track which I already know so I am a bit more confident and I hope that we score some points which we unfortunately did not score last time. I will do my best to get us where we should be which means at least back on points”.

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