Max Defourny continues his rise to the top

A kart driver at international level since 2011, 13 year-old Max Defourny has made a stunning progression over the last few months. This driver from Luxemburg is 100% focussed and committed to his goal: to get back on the podium as soon as possible. In the last few races, he has shown his competitiveness at all KF3 levels: the national Championship, the WSK Series, as well as the European Championship...

Since his second place at the Ayrton Senna Trophy, at the end of last season, Max Defourny has continued to progress at each new meeting. Behind the wheel of his PCR-Parilla, he has become one of the fastest Juniors in the hypercompetitive KF3 class. "Max is highly committed and is becoming increasingly self-confident. He knows that now he has the potential to fight for the first positions, and he has already shown it. He still needs to polish a few things to be regular in his excellent performance level. One must consider that he is only 13 and that he faces drivers who are much more experienced that he is", Alain Boumal, his team manager, commented.

For Max, the season began with the WSK Master Series in Italy. He has achieved his best performance so far at Sarno, in mid-March, when he climbed up to 8th place in his pre-final, though his results were not equally good in the final race. A few days later, he was at the opening of the French Championship at Varennes sur Allier, in early April. He took an excellent sixth place in Final 1, where there were as many as 40 drivers, he made a good start in Final 2 and was on his way to a podium finish when he was involved, through no fault of his own, in a collision.Max Defourny proved to be perfectly familiar with the special features of the Varennes track at the second round of the European Championship, held on that same circuit four weeks later. "After the first qualifying heats, Max seemed to be in excellent position to access the final phase. Unfortunately there was a long series of race mishaps on Sunday morning and Max only gained access to Final B, where he finished 6th with the third fastest lap in the race", Alain Boumal pointed out.

The French round of the WSK Euro Series held at Val d'Argenton also offered its fair share of satisfaction, with an excellent performance level, on a dry as well as on a wet track surface. "I set the 12th time and finished two heats in 4th place. Unfortunately, I could not even pass the first bend of the pre-final owing to a collision. Some drivers are too impetuous and think they can win the race at the very start! It is a pity to lose races this way..." Max regretted.

But now more than ever, Max Defourny appears to be on the right track to translate his progression and competitiveness into tangible results.

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