Sean GP joins WSK Euro Series

The Sean GP team made its debut in the WSK Euro Series on the circuit of Val d’Argenton (France) after skipping the first round of Sarno owing to a busy car racing programme. Performances were excellent considering that the Italian Giovinazzi climbed onto the podium in KF2.

Thanks to the effectiveness of its organisation, Sean GP was able to make up, in part, for the lack of driving practice of its drivers in international events this year. It was not one of the easiest challenges to face considering the atypical circuit, the highly technical layout and the low grip track surface, in addition to changing weather conditions that made the task of technicians and drivers even more complicated.

Away from familiar reference points, Sean GP managed anyway to get into the swing of things in one of the most hard-fought competitions, which bodes well for the rest of the season.

It was Antonio Giovinazzi (Tony Kart/TM) who held high the flag of the Indonesian team by joining immediately the group of the best drivers. The Italian was 7th in timed qualifying in dry conditions and kept his momentum going in SuperPole, with a 4th place in the rain. In the meanwhile, Sami Luka (Tony Kart/TM) and Sean Gelael (Tony Kart/Vortex) were still busy making their kart adjustments and trying to familiarise with the difficult French circuit. Giovinazzi showed some other solid performances in the qualifying heats, and won, among other things, his first race. Luka too raised the pace despite an unfavourable position at the start, and concluded with a promising 2nd place. The two drivers qualified for the final phases in 8th and 9th place. In the meanwhile, in the third heat, Sean Gelael staged a textbook recovery drive on a soaking wet track and finished 5th, after a 15-place gain. Unfortunately, after a withdrawal and an exclusion in the other heats, his chances to qualify for the final vanished.

During the pre-final, Giovinazzi caught the leading pack on the first lap and fought in the top 3 for the following 15 laps. Luka made an excellent race, too, getting very close to the top 5. But he was deprived of his 6th place on the finish line by race officers’ decision: all to be done again!

Well-placed at the start of the final race, Giovinazzi spent the 20 laps fighting between the second and third place with considerable energy and effort. He could have attacked the driver in second position towards the end of the race, but preferred to secure his 3rd place on the podium, instead of losing it all in a collision, as seen many times during the meeting. Starting dead last in 34th position, Luka was determined to turn the situation round and used all his effort to recover 18 places, finishing 15th.

Therefore, overall results have been encouraging for the Sean GP team on its first WSK Euro Series participation of the year, and now the team can focus on other importantmeetings to come.

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