Awesome performance but no prize for Tutumlu

Tutumlu was one to watch during the weekend's Porsche Supercup race in Monaco.    Unfortunately after overtaking no less than ten cars a rival hit him damaging his car.

The FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorsport´s driver exhibited an incredible performance for the large crowd attending this event in Monaco. Starting on 12th row of starting grid due to troublesome qualifying, red-flagged for a while, Tutumlu played a key role at the early stages of the race.

“On lap one, I have overtaken no less than five cars. I kept pushing and overtook several others entering into top-ten, in spite of this weekend thirty cars were racing here. My performance was pretty good, I was told by others that it was almost historical because Monaco isn´t a track for overtaking maneuvers”, Tutumlu explained at the end. However this performance was stopped by another rival, “he hit me and damaged my Porsche. Fortunately I kept my position because safety car came in. But when the race was launched once again, I tried to approach a bend in the same way as previously, but my damaged car wasn´t able. After losing control, I hit the wall”.

Tutumlu, even then, was determined to complete the race, finishing 15th. “After cancellation of race in Barcelona, my aim was to finish here. It was a shame because in my opinion I made today one of my best races during my entire motorsport career, running ahead of very experienced drivers. A good result wasn´t possible but my race was very good until that collision. I was told that my overtaking movement going sideways was the best one during today´s race”, Tutumlu added. Next meeting in the Porsche Supercup will be in Valencia, “for sure another long-awaited for me and I am aiming for improving my results

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