Motorcycling legends join TT, BSB and WSB Stars in Arai Mountain Course Parade Lap

Arai ambassadors Randy Mamola and Kevin Schwantz joined current TT, BSB and WSB riders in this year’s Arai Parade lap on the TT mountain course ahead of a thrilling day’s racing at the Isle of Man TT Races.

Randy was wearing a newly designed Aldo Drudi Helmet –the RX-7 GP Arai in a distinctive ‘Randy’ livery - that had been presented to him earlier in the day by Michael Dunlop. The Northern Ireland man joined a number of riders including Ian Hutchinson, Josh Brookes, Philip McCallen and BSB and WSB Champion Neil Hodgson in lapping the famous TT Mountain Course in a parade lap.

Kevin Schwantz, who won a total of 25 races between 1998 and 1994 and stood on the podium in the world championships a further 26 times, appeared on a Suzuki GSXR-1000 while Mamola, widely considered as one of the most talented riders never to have won a world championship but who finished runner up four times, rode a Ducati Panigale.

Randy Mamola clearly enjoyed his first experience of the Mountain Course and commented:

“This event epitomises the spirit of motorcycling. It’s really in your blood. I really enjoyed the lap but I think the British guys were trying to throw us by sending us striaght. Phil came through perfectly. I did however learn that when there is a sign coming it’s an indication that there’s more of a corner.”

Kevin Schwantz was also thrilled at being involved with the event and said:

“I have more and more respect for what these guys do. It is a completely different, skill and mindset and you need a memory like an elephant. It makes Grand Prix racing look easy.”

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