Guillaume Moreau’s recovery moves to the next stage

Following his significant accident at the Le Mans Test Day on June 3 in which his twelfth vertebra was fractured, Guillaume Moreau has now taken the next step in his recovery by transferring from the Angers hospital to Arche, a rehabilitation centre in Le Mans.

 One of the best centres to specialise in spinal injuries, Arche will provide Guillaume with a leading multi-disciplinary medical team.

 Due to the success of both operations, which aimed to stabilise the fracture and relieve spinal compression, Guillaume has already recovered significant movement within his legs – an encouraging sign for the future. He is now entering a stage of rehabilitation where an initial three-month phase will be necessary for the specialists to fully evaluate his level of final recovery.

 Guillaume Moreau: “I was cared for remarkably well by the Angers hospital over the course of more than two weeks. While I had little memory of the first operation, the second proved quite tough physically. I am happy to be taking the next step, one of rehabilitation, where I can be more active even though I still need some rest. I can already move my legs, which feels good, and walk aided by some support down one side. I now need to do some physio to stimulate and strengthen my muscles. I still lack some sensitivity in my right foot but with the work I am going to be doing here at Arche it should come back. I will have to learn to be patient, which is not my best quality! 

“I would like to thank all those who have shown their support and who are continuing to do so. It means a lot to me and also helps a great deal.”

 Jacques Nicolet, Team Owner: “The entire team is delighted that Guillaume is moving up a step in his recovery. It was crucial for his family to prioritise the quality of his medical environment and Arche, a specialist centre well adapted to his case, was the choice taken. The competence of the medical teams that have looked after him since the start, as well as his own fighting spirit, are both amazing and worthy of admiration. It also allows us to be confident for the rest of his recovery. Guillaume has always held a special place within the team and the fact that he is now in Le Mans for this therapy period allows us to provide him with direct support. For us, he remains integral to the team, an element that without any doubt will be positive for his morale, along with all the messages of goodwill and sympathy he has received.”

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