Porsche bounces back in dreadful conditions in Spa GT Race 2

Holzer-Tandy win, Narac-Pilet leadersPole-setter Villois Aston out in formation lapZampieri-Dalle Stelle (Kessel Ferrari) win in GTS and 3rd overall

RACE 2Marco Holzer and Nick Tandy, at the wheel of the Manthey Racing Porsche 911 RSR, took their third win of the season, in a Race 2 in Spa-Francorchamps. Typical Spa weather conditions, with rain and cool temperatures, revealed ideal for the Porsches, with Patrick Pilet-Raymond Narac (IMSA Performance) finishing 2nd and taking now the lead in the championship.

Daniel Zampieri and Michael Dalle Stelle accomplished a superb race to take third overall and a first well-deserved win in GTS, with their Kessel Racing Ferrari 458, ahead of the Lapidus McLaren of Christodoulou-Hummel, again second, and Ferrari of the debuting Russian Bears Motorsport, with Miguel Toril-Kyrill Ladygin.

The track is soaked when the start is given; the pole-setting Villois Aston goes into the pits after formation lap, after going off-track with a blocked throttle. Also the Mosler of Unzurrunzaga does not start. At the start, in dreadful conditions, Holzer takes the lead and defends it from the attacks of Pilet for two laps before the French goes wide into a corner. Behind, Giammaria is third (but spins in lap 4 when pushed by Kox), ahead of aninspired Zampieri, Christodoulou, Kox, Rizzoli, Leo, Moncini, Bontempelli, while Lopez who lost some positions, stops in the pits in lap 5 with set-up troubles. By lap 8, Pilet is back on the tail of Holzer and he passes the German at the chicane in lap 8 to take the lead.

After the pit stop, Tandy will re-take the lead, with a few seconds of advantage on Narac (who has changed tires), then Dalle Stelle, who leads in GTS, Hummel, Stijnhof, Hamilton and Bruni, while Pronk and Mowlem spin and there is some slight contact between Bizzarri and Peter.

In the last laps, Tandy increases his advantage, with Narac and Dalle Stelle ensuring their podium positions, followed by Sijthof, Bruni, Peter and Hummel, while there is some wild action between Bizzarri, Hamilton and Ardagna in the last lap for third in GTS, with Ladygin piping everybody.

Championship Standings after Race 6 of 16 :  Scratch 1.Pilet-Narac, 76 p.; 2. Holzer-Tandy, 76; 3. Malucelli-Barba, 64; 4. Bizzarri, 57; 5. Leo-Bruni, 53GTS: 1. Bizzarri,, 38 p.; 2. Dalle Stelle-Zampieri, 32; 3. Mapelli-Hamilton, 27; 4. Christodoulou-Hummel, 16; 5. Rizzoli, 20

Teams SGT: 1. IMSA Performance, 35 p. ; 2. Manthey Racing, 34; 3. Villois Racing, 29 p.; 4. AF Corse, 20; 5. aabar Villorba Corse, 20

Team GTS: 1. AF Corse, 42 p.; 2. Kessel Racing, 38; 3. Autorlando Sport, 27; 4. Lapidus Racing, 24; 5. Seyffarth Racing, 20

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