Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS Race 1

FIRST PODIUM FINISH PER SILVA RIGHT BEHIND CHATINDaniil Kvyat halted his fast that now lasted since the first round in Monza, where he scored a double. On the Spa-Francorchamps track, hosting this weekend the fourth Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS double venue, the  Russian driver from Koiranen Motorsport was back on top podium step in Race 1, closing the championship gap from the French leader Paul-Loup Chatin (Tech1 Racing), once more among the protagonists scoring second overall, and from the other Frenchman Norman Nato, forced to retire for a mechanical failure while he was chasing the leader, but still with a strong lead in the 2 Liters single seater Championship.

On the Belgian track first overall podium for the young Guilherme Silva, that Tomorrow will turn 18. The Brazilian, living in Wien, once more proved to be among the most competitive with the car. Behind him the Colombian Oscar Tunjo and the Spanish Patrick Kujala. Family fight for sixth between Felipe Fraga and Roman Mavlanov, respectively sixth and seventh.THE REPORT. From pole Nato defends the leadership. Behind him Kvyat that from the second row manages to outpace Tunjo and Chatin. A misunderstanding between Vermont and Bailly ends in a contact between the two.  Bosak spuns at the Source, him too edged away in the early stages bagarre. At lap two Silva is able to overcome Tunjo reaching fourth. Behind him a tight group led by the other Brazilian Fraga chased by Kujala and Wackerbauer. Kujala makes his move and passes Fraga. Good pace also for Mavlanov, who gains a position from  Wackerbauer. The German is now focused on defending his place from Albon. With just ten minutes to go the attention is back on top drivers cause Kvyat slips by Nato at the Les Combes. With two laps to go the retire from Nato with Chatin thus second and Silva easily third. The last passing manouvre is from Albon that at the very last lap overcomes Wackerbauer.«Right here in Spa I won two weeks ago in the Eurocup. - said Daniil Kvyat - I do like this track a lot even if the race was quite tough, cause specially in the early stages I had to fight with Nato».«It is not a victory but it’s still a podium. - these where Paul-Loup Chatin words - The track was a bit slippery. My pace was quite close to the Kvyat and Nato one. I’m satisfied for the Championship».

Race 1 (top-5): 1. Daniil Kvyat RUS (Koiranen Motorsport) 12 laps, 28.16”485; 2. Paul-Loup Chatin FRA (Tech1 Racing) 3”882; 3. Guilherme Silva BRA ( 4”645; 4. Oscar Tunjo COL (Tech1 Racing) 6”833; 5. Patrick Kujala SPA (Koiranen Motorsport) 19”863.Championship after 7 races (top-5): 1. Norman Nato FRA (RC Formula) 124; 2. Paul-Loup Chatin FRA (Tech1 Racing) 112; 3. Daniil Kvyat RUS (Koiranen Motorsport) 96; 4. William Vermont FRA (Arta Engineering) 63; 5. Guilherme Silva BRA ( 42.

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