Has fear of paraskevidekatriaphobia hit Castle Combe circuit

paraskevidekatriaphobia  -  Fear of Friday 13th!!!!

The national news might be full of economic doom and gloom but, up to now, the Racing School at Castle Combe Circuit has been delighted with the numbers booking driving experiences and white knuckle passenger rides as gifts for friends and family with purchases pretty much on a par with 2011. Well, that was until this week!

This, the second week of July sees the first clash of the Racing School Driving Experiences with Friday 13th in recent years and Circuit Managers are beginning to wonder if paraskevidekatriaphobia  is striking a note at this historic circuit!

Managing Director of Castle Combe Circuit, Graham Marshallsay explained: We rarely have many gaps in our Driving Experiences diary with many dates being sold out well in advance. This Friday however seems to be seriously bucking the trend as, although we do have some bookings, we also have some big gaps in the calendar and particularly on our main Driving Experience Course which, generally, is one of the first to book out!

There is no real reason behind this as our bookings on Saturday 14th July are looking strong and so we can only put it down to the date itself. I suppose we all have irrational fears and superstitions be it not walking under ladders, not opening an umbrella indoors or not passing someone on the stairs. We mayhave to accept therefore that bookings will be down a bit on this day and thenwell have a serious look at our dates later in the year to see if any Friday 13ths crop up again.

We have tried to tempt visitors with last minute dealsyou can see our website for detailsbut even these arent flying off the shelves as normal. I guess weve just got to ride the Friday 13th storm and fingers crossed we wont get many more of these in our 2012 calendar!

For non-sufferers of paraskevidekatriaphobia, then do get in touch with Castle Combe Circuit as it might result in a bit of a bargain driving experience as the last few spaces get filled! Full details can be found at www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk built by racecar

or by telephoning 01249 782417.

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