Rent4Ring Racing withdraws from Nurburgring 24hrs Race

The 42th edition of the traditional 24hrs Race atthe Nurburgring comes closer. At the coming weekend, there will be 175 registered race cars collected at the Eifel circuit. Rent4Ring Racing was scheduled to race for the very first time in the 24hrs race, but due to unforseen circumstances the team had to withdraw from the event.

The team around Fredy Lienhard and Ralph Beck launched the new BMW 4-Series at the fourth VLN Race in mid-May. The first Shake-Down showed a few minor issues which were going to be sorted until the 24hrs race at the Nurburgring. 'We worked extremely hard and put all our efforts into this project, and therefore it is even worse having to withdraw from the race', says Fredy Lienhard.

'In addition, our third pay driver is unable to race due to health conditions. It wasn't meant to be, but we are positiv to continue racing in the VLN for the remaining season.'