Trident GP2 Series Hockenheim Race 2 round up

HOCKENHEIMRING - JULY, 20th 2014Air Temperature 23° / Track Temperature 27°


A little before the lining up of Race 2 in Hockenheim, it began to rain very heavily, that it was evaluated whether or not to put on the rain tires but once the cars were positioned, the rain stopped. The strategy chosen by Cecotto's technical group together with the driver was to put on the slick compound medium tires and risk at the beginning of the race in order to obtain good results in the end. It would have been so, seeing that the same strategy was chosen by the other drivers who ended up winning the race, but entering the first curve Johnny was hit by another car who damaged his right posterior suspension compromising in this way the rest of the race. Indeed, Cecotto continued his race until a few laps from the end but had to retire in order to not worsen the damages. Johnny started out in the second position and there was all of the potential in order to do well today but unfortunately luck was not on our side and we lost important points for the Championship. We are all concentrated for next weekend's race, the seventh of the season in Budapest where everything has to go perfectly.

Final Position: RETIREDStarting Position: P2Position after 1°lap: P22Tires on grid: Prime Medium White


Sergio, who started mid way through the line up, decided differently with regards to his Teammate's choice to follow a less risky strategy, therefore starting with rain tires. At the beginning of the race, he was therefore able to draw out unharmed from the first curve earning a position as well. The race pace was good and in line with the leader's of the moment, Sergio was able to carry out numerous surpasses and found himself in the tenth position. At about 15 laps from the end, he was called in by the Team in order to change the tires and put on slick soft tires given that the track was beginning to dry. Back on the track, Sergio's lap times were really good but unfortunately a contact with Binder's one seater made him turn on himself and lose several positions. For him as well, this weekend did not end in the best of ways. The Catalan driver can't wait to reach the Hungarian track next week which is one of his favorites.

Final Position: P13Starting Position: P15Position after 1°lap: P14Tires on grid: RainStrategy: Rain / Option Yellow SoftPit Stop: during 13° lap