Anthoine Hubert reflects mid-season in Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0

1. What is your assessment of this first half of your season in Formula Renault 2.0?

Overall I think it went quite well even if it didn’t go perfectly to plan. We improved with each meetings if we don’t take Nurburgring, our fourth meeting, into account. Our performance on dry track was good but rain got in the way of our ambitions. Even though it didn’t finish well, the meeting in Moscow was the highlight of this first hlaf of the season with a pole position in my group and solid racing despite a 10 second penalty.2. How do you explain the highs and the lows that you’ve experienced? For example, first in line in Russia and unable to get into the top 10 at the very next meeting?

Yes, my form has been up and down like a rollercoaster. I don’t think the good performance in Moscow was an accident, unlike Nurburgring. So we just have to keep working on it as we did in the first meetings and strive to get the results we want!

3. Tell us about your team and the difficult times especially.

Everything is going well with the team. We have the same objectives. That is to gain experience in order to hold lead positions by the end of the season. They support me in difficult times and we use those times to improve because that’s where we learn a lot!

4. What is your best memory from this first half of the season, and the worst?

Both are from Moscow. My group pole position is my best memory from the beginning of this season because until then my qualifiers hadn’t been brilliant. It felt good to get a proper result. My worst memory is as I crossed the finishing line in Race 1. I’d had a solid race and finished third but then my engineer told me that I had a 10 second penalty which put me back in 10th place. Even though I knew deserved it, it was a blow to hear it.

5. How will you approach the second half of the season and what are your objectives?

My objective for the second half is to be among the frontrunners and prove that the performance in Moscow wasn’t a fluke. I feel confident and can’t wait to get back on the circuits to start making that objective a reality.

The next meeting will be on September 13 and 14 in Hungaroring. It will be ‘back-to-school’ for Anthoine Hubert, the “Volant Euroformula” 2013, who aims to step up on a podium!