Mitchell Gilbert stays positive after a GP3 weekend that showed promise

ADD Motorsports driver Mitchell Gilbert believes a complete performance isn’t far away after another frustrating weekend in the GP3 Series.

Brake problems hampered the Trident drivers during practice and qualifying in Monza, but the pace was there during the races when they had been rectified.

Unfortunately, it came too late to make a difference – and the Australian was left hoping things finally come together in the next round.

He said: “I’m frustrated because I think we should be doing better than we are. We are under-performing.

“The pace was there in the races, but when you are so far behind and starting the weekend so slowly, you aren’t achieving the maximum you know you can.

“It’s still promising, we just need results and I feel we should be getting them.”

Both practice and qualifying were made the more difficult with brake problems preventing all the drivers in the team from being at their best.

Mitchell continued: “Monza’s all about braking and straight-lap speed, but the brakes were an obvious problem this weekend.

“It’s difficult as you don’t get a lot of time with the car or on the track and you need to have a good start in practice. But when things aren’t going well early on you are always playing catch up.”

Things were a little better in qualifying although the brakes were still not a hundred per cent and Mitchell finished 16th.

But the problems were rectified in time for the races. The driver got off to a great start in Race One, but ended on the gravel a few times to avoid clashes with other drivers which lost him a few places. The pace was OK and he felt unlucky to finish in 18th.

He started 18th in Race 2 and by the end of the first couple of laps had got into 15th.

But disappointingly he ran into someone in the brake zone and was hit with a drive-through penalty. Although the pace was there, he could only finish 20th.

He added: “The cars in front and behind me at the time of the drive through finished 7th and 10th, so I could have been looking at an 8th or 9th place finish, especially as my pace was right up there.

“I have to hold my hand up and say it was my mistake in Race Two, but other things restricted me in practice and qualifying.

“I don’t like saying I was unlucky, but I really feel I was unlucky this weekend.

“The team are still learning things about me and I’m still learning things about them and the car, so despite this, it doesn’t feel as though we are that far away.

“But we need to have a weekend where everything comes together at the same time – and hopefully that can be sooner rather than later.”

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