Trident Monza GP3 review


Luca was the author today of a beautiful race that started from the 21st position and ended in the 13th despite the lack of speed that his car recorded on the straight that therefore penalized him compromising the final weekend result. The potential of the car during the race set up and the driver from Vicenza's determination could have brought points to the team but the home GP was unlucky and the positive note from today's race is the constant drivability of the car that brings hopes in view of the Russian GP.

Final Position: P13Starting Position: P21


At the start of the sprint race, John was involved in the mess of the first curve like his teammate and in the contact with some cars, damaged the wing of the car but was in any case able to continue the race until the end crossing the finish line in the 21st position. Despite the damage to the one-seater, John improved his race pace lap after lap, and his times continued to improve in the second part of the race where he recorded the best lap right at the end of Race 2. Even for John, the weekend at Monza was not simple but the young rookie has surely better understood the pirelli tyres behavior along with their management during the race.

Final Position: P17Starting Position: P17


Starting from the 18th position, it was not easy for Mitch to avoid the first curves confusion and indeed, unfortunately, after the first lap, he found himself in the 20th position with a car in front of him that, breaking unexpectedly , forced Mitch to rear-end him. This contact cost him a Drive Through penalty, that obviously conditioned his final position. Coming back to the track after the "forced" entry to the boxes, together with the team, it was decided to verify the performance of the car in order to collect important data and information. Solving the break problem, the car today resulted in being well-balanced and the lap times were always close to the fastest rivals.

Final Position: P20Starting Position: P18