Porsche Carrera Cup GB title permutations update

Josh Webster and Michael Meadows fight for the overall titlePeter Kyle-Henney and Steven Liquorish battle for Pro-Am2Paul Rees and Victor Jimenez contest third place overallThe contest for the overall and Pro-Am2 titles within the Porsche Carrera Cup GB will be resolved during the final two rounds at Brands Hatch (Sunday 12 October), and these are the updated points’ permutations following qualifying on Saturday (11 October).Overall drivers’ championshipJosh Webster (Redline Racing) and Michael Meadows (Samsung UHD TV Racing) are the contenders, with Webster holding a six-point lead after qualifying at Brands Hatch. All scores count and there is now a maximum possible score of 42 points available for two wins and two fastest laps. To be champion, Meadows must out-score Webster by at least six points over the two races.If they are level on points, Meadows would win on a tie-break due to a greater number of race wins. Points are scored on the basis of 20-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 to the first 15 finishers, with an additional point for fastest lap in each race.Meanwhile, the battle for third place is between Paul Rees (In2 Racing) and Victor Jimenez (Redline Racing) and Rees has a 21-point advantage. Jimenez must out-score Rees by 22 points to take third place.Pro-Am2 championshipThe situation in Pro-Am2 is extremely close between Peter Kyle-Henney (Parr Motorsport) and Steven Liquorish (Team Parker Racing). Kyle-Henney took both pole positions in qualifying at Brands Hatch.Drivers in Pro-Am2 count only their best seven weekend scores and the available score in Pro-Am2 on Sunday is now 22 points: 10 for each win plus one point for each fastest lap. Pro-Am2 position points are scored on the basis of 10-9-8-7-6, etc.From the best seven scores so far, Kyle-Henney had a three-point lead before qualifying. However, Kyle-Henney now has to drop a 17-point score, while Liquorish has to drop a 12-point score. With Kyle-Henney taking two points for two poles today (11 October), they are effectively level and so whichever driver scores the most points on Sunday will be champion. If they end the day tied on points, the title would be decided on the tie-break of the greater number of wins. Currently, Liquorish has scored five wins and Kyle-Henney has scored four wins.