Mitchell Gilbert endures another frustrating GP3 weekend

ADD Motorsports driver Mitchell Gilbert was left disappointed after another weekend that never got going in the GP3 Series.

A problem with the differential left the Australian finding his pace a long way off being competitive.

He was so far back after practice and qualifying at Sochi, Russia, that he had to settle for 20th and 14th place finishes.

And after seeing it as another wasted few days on the track, he was happy to put the whole experience behind him.

He said: “It’s been one thing after another and it’s just really frustrating at the moment.

“This time something was wrong with the differential and it meant I was really slow all weekend.

“It was fine on left turns but not on right turns and as it’s not an easy thing to fix so there was nothing we could do.

“The whole weekend was a disaster.”

Mitchell finished 20th in practice and it was a similar story in qualifying when he could only get up to 15th.

He continued: “We kept trying to cover the problem the best we could, but it was still there. It was disappointing, but I couldn’t do anything about it.”

He started in 15th place in Race One and moved up one place on the first lap, but when he crashed into someone he was forced to get a new nose box.

When he got back on the track he was in last place and stayed there for the remainder of the race – although he did manage to register the fourth fastest lap.

He started Race Two in 20th and managed to finish in 14th, but was aware the problem with the car was getting even worse.

He added: “They fixed the problem from the last weekend last month and I think it could have been a good weekend if this next thing hadn’t gone wrong.

“I’m losing patience with it all now, I’m in this to win, but there seems to be something going wrong every week.

“The track was really cool at Sochi and it was good to get some time somewhere different.

“But it’s a weekend I just want to put behind me now and hopefully move forward.”