Trident GP3 Abu Dhabi test review

Best Pos Day 1 P3ALEX PALOU

We are very satisfied with regards to the performance obtained by Alex Palou, the rookie coming from the Spanish Open EuroFormula who used this morning's session in order to familiarize himself with the track and with the GP3 car. In this afternoon's session however, Alex gained an excellent thirdtime lap, only one tenth compared to the leading position. Alex was quickly able to manage the Pirelli Tyres, easily understanding their behavior. He also found a good feeling with his car and thanks to his contribution, the team was able to get important information improving Palou's set-up in order to find different driving solutions. Palou will leave car #24 to Zaid Ashkanani.

Result on AM Session: P15 with 1.57.176Result on PM Session: P3 with 1.55.885

Best Pos Day 1 P5


Returning to Trident in the GP3 car after the last GP3 race in Monza in September, Luca worked very well throughout the entire testing day trying different set-up solutions and trying to have his car at the top for a best laptime. Unfortunately, the work carried out today was not rewarded with the hoped results in the final standings of Day 1 as the driver from Vicenza was really unlucky with the red flags that were shown at the same moment he was ready to improve the timelap on the new set of tyres. In any case, today was a good day for him who will certainly bring better results for tomorrow once again on the Trident car.

Result on AM Session: P5 with 1.56.264Result on PM Session: P12 with 1.56.570


Amaury Boduel the youngest rookie of the GP3 Series and only 15 years of age, has set his foot in the category. Here in Abu Dhabi, he started to gain confidence with the GP3 car, with the Pirelli tyres and also with the Yas Island Circuit configuration. The day was surely positive for him who learned very quickly and continued to improve lap after lap. Amaury will driver Car# 23 tomorrow once again where he will continue to carry out his learning job.

Result on AM Session: P21 with 1.57.867Result on PM Session: P22 with 1.57.746

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