Superb maiden GT Open win for Hankey-Yoluc,TF Sport Aston, at Silverstone

Perfect Race 2 gives the Brit and the Turk a well-deserved maiden overall win They are the seventh different package (car model, team, driver pair) winning this year in eight races

Yacamán-Monje (Teo Martín BMW) 2nd, Tappy-Benham (Garage59 McLaren), 3rd

Biagi-Crestani, today fourth, consolidate leadership

The sports&You Mercedes wins and retakes GT-Am top spot

Euan Hankey and Salih Yoluc took a well-deserved maiden overall win in the GT Open Sunday at Silverstone, the home track of TF Sport and the Aston Martin Vantage. They are the seventh different package (by pair, car model and team) in the eight races held so far this year! The Brit and the Turk put a perfect performance, keeping control pof the proceedings after running a close second in the first stint, behind the very fast FF Corse Ferrari.

Fernando Monje and Gustavo Yacamán (Teo Martín BMW M6) took another podium finish, beating for second almost on the line the Garage 59 McLaren 650S of Duncan Tappy-Michael Benham. Fabrizio Crestani-Thomas Biagi (Orange1 Team Lazarus Lamborghini Huracán), today 4th, took again heavy points to consolidate their leadership in the championship. With a third seasonal success, Manuel Da Costa-Miguel Sardinha on the Sports&You Mercedes, retake the lead in the GT-Am standings.

THE RACE - Qualifying had thrown a surprise, as Jamie Stanley (at his first international outing and with no FIA status) had taken a stunning pole on his birthday in the FF Corse Ferrari, upgraded to Pro-Am after the performance. The Brit takes best start ahead of Hankey, Enge and Tappy while Schothorst is only fifth. From the start, Hankey puts a lot of pressure on Stanley, but the Ferrari resists well and manages to take some breathing space, with Enge a close third. Tappy, Schothorst, Crestani, Monje and Balfe, who has passed Wheldon, follow. In lap 7, Cestani passes Monje and closes on Tappy.

In lap 13, West and Sardinnha open the pit stops phase, which goes up to lap 18, when the two leaders go in. After all changes, Yoluc leads with 7 seconds on McNeilly, 13 on Benham and 22 on Ramos. Follow Yacamán, Dolby, Biagi and Keen while Ledogar is 11th and puts fastest lap in 2.00.601. Best battle is for sixth between Dolby, Biagi and Keen, while Yacamán is closing on team mate Ramos and will pass him in lap 24. In the meantime, Benham has taken second from McNeilly, challenged by the BMWs, Biagi and Keen, while Dolby is forced to the pits and so is Noble.

It’s great final few laps, as McNeilly resists well to the GT stars and will only be passed in extremis by Yacamán, Biagi, Keen and Ramos. Final thrill is for Yacamán who takes second from Benham right before the finish line. Da Costa wins in GT-Am ahead of Barreiros.


Overall: 1. Crestani-Biagi, 96 points; 2. Keen-Balfe, 74 points; 3. Ramos, 69; 4. Yoluc-Hankey, 65; 5. Monje-Yacamán, 62; 6. Benham-Tappy, 46; etc

Pro-Am: 1. Crestani-Biagi, 40 points; 2. Keen-Balfe, 28; 3. Ramos, 26; 4. Yoluc-Hankey, Tappy-Benham, Monje-Yacamán, 24; etc

GT-Am: 1. Sardinha Silva-Da Costa Coimbra, 30 points; 2. Barreiros, 28; 3. Lémeret, 23; 4. Sdanewitsch, 16; 5. Braams, 15; etc

Teams: 1. BMW Teo Martín, 50; 2. Orange1 Team Lazarus, 40; 3. Garage59, 37; 4. Balfe Motorsport, 28; 5. TF Sport, AF Corse, 24; etc