MSA British Sporting Car Trial Championship Update

MSA British Sporting Car Trial Championship Update

Round 3: Stuart Butterfield Sporting Trial

Richard Sharp won round three of the championship, dropping just eleven points after a three-way tie at lunchtime.

Six hills were attempted four times in bitter wind and sleet showers with Sharp taking the win by four points from Bryan Walker and top live axle Bob Packham.

Walker was first to slip up in the afternoon dropping a four, followed by Packham on the final round handing the win to Sharp and his son Joe. Walker won the intermediate live class.

The following day was to see round four of the championship, the Stone Trough Trial, but overnight snow forced the cancellation of this event.

1 Richard Sharp (Cartwright) 11 points
2 Bryan Walker (Jedi) 15 points
3 Bob Packham (Kincraft) 15 points
4 Stuart Beare (Sherpa Indy) 25 points
5 Mike Salton (Concord) 37 points