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King's Lynn v Poole - OFF


KING’S Lynn chief Keith Chapman wants the Stars to build on their encouraging start to the season as they host Poole tonight (Wednesday)
The Norfolk side stormed to an impressive win over Belle Vue to kick off their Premiership campaign last week, before earning a hard-fought consolation point at champions Swindon the following evening.
By contrast, the Pirates have lost their last three fixtures – picking up a point at Belle Vue but nothing at home to Swindon or at Wolverhampton.
Chapman said: “It was nice to finally get started last week. It was a very good result and an encouraging performance, followed by another good performance at Swindon the following night.
“You always want to get off to a winning start, especially at home, so doing that against a good Belle Vue side was very important.
“It’s a long season and it’s early days yet. We’ll need a bit of luck along the way, but we hope we can build on this start and get another three points against Poole on Wednesday.”


RYE House boss Peter Schroeck is urging his side to get their campaign on track when they host Wolverhampton at Hoddesdon tonight (Wednesday).
The Rockets have suffered heavy defeats at both Wolves and Belle Vue so far, and go into the meeting without two of their septet due to injuries.
Edward Kennett is ruled out with a knee problem suffered in a major grasstrack event last Sunday, whilst Stuart Robson is again replaced by club asset Nikolaj B Jakobsen.
Schroeck said: “We’ll know more about the situation on Eddie in the next day or so. At this stage, we know he’s automatically ruled out for Wednesday, and he may well miss next Monday’s match at Leicester as well.
“That obviously leaves a gap against Wolverhampton because we all know how strong Eddie is around Rye House, but we will look to make up for it in other areas. 
“We’ll work as a team, and fight as a team, to properly kick our season into gear.”
Wolves star Sam Masters said: “All the boys have started the season really well and we’ve had two huge results. We know it’s a long year though, and we just need to go out there and give it our best every meeting.
“I like Rye House and we did okay there the second time we went last year.
“So we’re confident we can go there and get something and that would be good in our first away one of the season.”

BIRMINGHAM team boss Laurence Rogers is anticipating his side’s toughest test yet when Kent visit Perry Barr tonight (Wednesday).
The Brummies are aiming to maintain their unbeaten start to the year and build on Saturday’s impressive 57-33 National Trophy win at Stoke, as they face the Kings in the first leg of the belated Easter Cup.
Rogers said: “Kent have got a strong-looking team this year and some of their riders have already had a glimpse into what the track will be like.
“Four of the Kings’ line-up also rode in last week’s British Under-21 Semi-Final so that does give them a slight advantage compared to the other away teams who’ll come to Perry Barr this year.
“But if we ride how we have done in our first two meetings, then there’s no reason why we can’t take a lead down to Kent on April 30.
“It should be an entertaining fixture between two quality line-ups and it’s going to be another good test for our boys on their home track.”

CRADLEY bosses have revealed how they let the heart rule the head to keep the club in action this season.
Club director Nigel Pearson told a packed fans forum organised by the Heathens Supporters Trust how they were within a whisker of closing last October after eight seasons at National League level.
A combination of no new home track, less dates available at Wolverhampton and financial losses when staging home meetings at Birmingham left the club in crisis.
Pearson said: “My head told me to close the club and I think it’s fair to say the same applied to my colleagues.
“However, the heart told me different. We still have a loyal fanbase and fantastic support from Dean and Adam Bridge at Motor Market in the town, plus the tremendous partnership with Dr Rod Brooks.
“Anybody who even suggests we are only doing this for financial gain is talking utter nonsense. The last three seasons have been tough, the fact is when we have to host meetings away from Monmore it doesn’t work financially.
“But here we are, preparing for our first National Trophy meeting at Leicester against Coventry on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it.”


SPEEDWAY Riders’ Benevolent Fund organisers have sent their sincere thanks to Jon Armstrong following his Testimonial at Mildenhall on Sunday.
Armstrong’s meeting included a collection for the Fund which raised an impressive total of £831.
He said: “Everyone knows what the Ben Fund is for, it’s mostly for the riders who are badly injured. But over the years I have had some money from it. 
“There was one year when I was out for a while, I think it was for a back injury, but what really swung it for me was that some time after they had paid me, a Christmas card arrived with another cheque for £500 to help me over Christmas. 
“That was brilliant, and that’s why I wanted to give something back on Sunday. I had a great day at Mildenhall and I haven’t seen so many people there ever.”

PREMIERSHIP: King’s Lynn v Poole 7.30, Rye House v Wolverhampton 7.30
EASTER CUP 1st leg: Birmingham v Kent 7.30

CHAMPIONSHIP: Ipswich v Newcastle 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD: Sheffield v Redcar 7.30
NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP 1st round 2nd leg: Isle of Wight v Eastbourne 7pm
CHALLENGE: Poole v Yarmouth Bloaters 7pm

CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD: Edinburgh v Berwick 7.30, Redcar v Sheffield 7.30
NATIONAL TROPHY: Plymouth v Isle of Wight 7.15