When your ship comes in: Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter 51 ft William Stoba 1904

When your ship comes in: Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter 51 ft William Stoba 1904

 Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter 51 ft William Stoba 1904
PRICE | GBP 425,000

 The Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter type has long been held in the highest of esteem as the perfect all round sailing vessel, and ALPHA completely fits that billing. Her long and interesting life has been guaranteed to last many more years after a restoration undertaken by and under the supervision of some of the best possible practitioners of their craft, for owners who really knew what they wanted based on long experience under sail, and an intense two seasons of intimacy with ALPHA as purchased and pre-restoration.

Independent of all the superb craftsmanship, the key element that has been restored in ALPHA is her ability from birth as a superbly easily handled vessel under sail and power by just two people, whilst offering the most comfortable of accommodation for long periods with plenty of space for friends.

Bristol Channel 52ft Pilot Cutter 1911 / 2009
PRICE | GBP 350,000
Each one of these special boats has her own tale to tell. CORNUBIA has proven herself as a blue water cruiser, whose ventures near and far you can read about as a training vessel for sea cadets or much loved family sailing pilot cutter. Rebuilt by T Nielsen & Co under the supervision of pilot cutter aficionado Tony Winter she has received remarkable treatment for a remarkable vessel. 

On deck she remains so true to the original yet below she achieves the character of vintage yacht without offending her work boat roots. MCA coded for commercial work, this has included filming and charters specialising in sailing for disabled children.

“Polly Agatha”
Cockwells 45ft Cutter 2007
PRICE | GBP 375,000

 POLLY AGATHA might well define the term "Modern Classic" With her long keel, bronze fastened carvel construction and well proportioned gaff rig; she has the charm and presence of a fast Edwardian cutter. When first commissioning this boat her owner was adamant he wanted not only a thing of beauty but also a yacht capable of sailing anywhere - all the time keeping his family safe and comfortable.

Her contemporary classic interior is cleverly designed with detail and finish befitting that of a vintage yacht - she has an owner's cabin with a large double berth and en suite; a forward cabin also en suite and unheard of on a classic yacht of this size!

POLLY AGATHA has totally succeeded in her original design brief - looking and feeling like a yacht from the turn of the last century she has looked after her owners impeccably cruising UK and Scottish Waters in all conditions.

Westernman 51 ft Pilot Cutter 1998
Designed for ocean voyaging by Nigel Irens on the lines of Bristol Channel pilot cutters and built to Ed Burnett’s drawings by Covey Island Boat Works in Nova Scotia, her stability and structural integrity were approved by David M Cannell & Associates. ALEXANDER T formerly ELEANOR MARY has been used solely as a family yacht since her launch in 1998. 

ALEXANDER T is an extraordinary marriage of yesterday's traditional sailing ideals with today's technology and design. Built and to MCA Category Zero to maintain a standard; not to charter, she of course has the potential to be used by a school or a trust or to simply continue as a wonderful family boat for safe adventure almost anywhere in the world.

“Edith Gray”
Bristol Channel 38 ft Pilot Cutter Replica 2011
PRICE | GBP 220,000

EDITH GRAY was built by John Raymond - Barker of RB Boatbuilding Ltd, Bristol in 2011 and was designed along the lines of the smaller transom stern pilot cutters. John Raymond-Barker also her designer took his inspiration from 1887 BREEZE as well as the Bristol Channel Pilot cutter DIARCHY built by Copper in 1901. EDITH GRAY has already proven herself to be extremely fast when raced in the pilot cutter fleet often taking first in class - she certainly has that magic blend of function and simple beauty for which this style of boat is well known.

This is a boat that seems to hit a “sweet spot” for a number of reasons - at thirty eight and a half feet she is a handy size to sail short-handed yet she can accommodate up to 7 persons comfortably with berths to spare; her build quality is impressive both in her structure and detail above and below deck but if her pilot cutter roots hint at how capable a vessel she is; her lines hint that she will be an exciting boat to sail and own. Seeing EDITH GRAY tied to the dock it is almost impossible not think of adventure!

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