'Take a Walk on The Wild Side' with an African safari

'Take a Walk  on The Wild Side' with an African safari

With deforestation, increasing pollution and the steady expansion of humankind, our true wildernesses are vanishing.

Racecar’s Film Co-Ordinator, Patrick, recently returned from a Safari where he “Left his Heart in Africa”. Having seen the pictures we can’t wait to pack our bag

Africkson Safaris, based in Kenya, offer the opportunity to get back in touch with the African wildlife in bespoke, tailor made safaris individually designed to meet the needs of each client. Although walking Safaris can be arranged we do believe most people will feel more comfortable in a car!

Some clients may prefer the comfort of a 5 star luxury lodge with air-conditioning whilst others may prefer the adventure of camping out in robust tents with the simplicity of a gas stove for cooking and kerosene lamps for finding your way back to your team. Either way there is nothing as magical after a day out spotting lions, leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Buffalos than sitting around a camp fire with a nightcap in hand listening to the sounds of the African night.

The team at Africkson Safaris will work with you prior to arrival to match your needs to the best available guides, vehicles and accommodation. By utilising our local knowledge we can also alter itineraries mid safari if needed to ensure your get the most out of your East African adventure.

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