Tal Wainberg's 1600kg Baja "Monster" wins Desert Baja Israel for Hornet Israel

Tal Wainberg's 1600kg Baja "Monster" wins Desert Baja Israel for Hornet Israel

On the Final Day of Desert Baja Israel 2019 the crews had to move south to Timna Park. The 5th and last Special Stage (SS5) of this International competition, was the last chance for the pilots to fight for the podium spots, so those who were leading had to stay alert!

Cars, SSVs and motorbikes blasted through the starting line and continued to cross Israel's desert with extremely high speeds. Many teams wouldn't withstand the challenging environment and suffered delays to repair their vehicles before getting back into racing. Team Hornet Israel has been consistent throughout the competition and the last day was no exception. Tal Wainberg's 1600kg Baja "Monster" producing 525hp, made it to the finish line in 2 hours, 55 minutes and 10 seconds, which was enough for team Hornet Israel to secure the 2nd place of the SS5 and the 1st place of the overall ranking.


Ziv Karmi, with his motorbike prepared from KTM-YOHANANOF-CAMP FACTORY, achieved an outstanding performance. He was 9 minutes and 27 seconds faster than Hornet Israel in LEG-3; he claimed the victory for the day and the 2nd place overall.


It was a fascinating and successful event which will also take place in 2020. Until then, the East European Tout Terrain Series continues with 4 more events in 2019, welcoming all cross-country enthousiasts to Greece for a unique experience in June.


Image: 'LEG 3 - The "road" to PARK TIMNA'