1972 Ford RS2000 clinches Bespoke Rallies' Pyrenees 1000

1972 Ford RS2000 clinches Bespoke Rallies' Pyrenees 1000

The second running of Bespoke Rallies’ three-day Pyrenees 1000 rally was centred on the historic motorsport-mad city of Pau, and attracted entries as diverse as a 1929 Chrysler Roadstar and 1972 Ford RS2000. Ultimately, it was the latter belonging to father and son team Gerold and Gerd Letzbor that collected the laurels, having managed to resist a last day dash from Luc Maruenda and his novice co-driver Agathe Bubbe aboard a 1953 Jaguar XK120 roadster. All contestants agreed that the route was spectacular from start to finish.

Debut of novel new timing system

Equally impressive was the performance of Bespoke Rallies’ proprietary Electronic Marshalling Device (EMD). This item of innovative technology automatically pings as the participants pass through an event’s timing points. The clever part is that it then equally automatically relays the time achieved, so the teams are constantly aware of how well (or not!) they are doing.

Said Bespoke Rallies’ Managing Director John Brigden: “This was the system’s debut and it worked without hitch, quickly proving very popular with participants. We will certainly employ it on all our competitive rallies from here onwards.”

Ian Robertson, who contested the Pyrenees 1000 aboard a 1939 Fangio-style Chevrolet Coupe with co-driver Andrew Webster, was quick to praise both the event and the EMD: “We much enjoyed the rally, thought the route was super, and believe the new technology is a winner.”

Other great events scheduled by Bespoke Rallies for this year are:

Magical Madagascar, June 13 - July 8
Slartibartfast, Aug 17 - September 2
Highland 1000, September 25-29
Royal Rajasthan, November 4-25

Further details of these and all Bespoke Rallies’ events are available at www.bespokerallies.co.uk.

Top six Pyrenees 1000 results: Penalty points

1st. Gerold Letzbor/Gerd Letzbor – Ford RS2000 424

2nd. Luc Maruenda/Agathe Bubbe – Jaguar XK120 2068

3rd. Andrew Davies/Anne Davies – Chrysler Roadstar 2407

4th. Andrew Webster/Ian Robertson – Chevrolet Coupe 2986

5th. Tony Murray/Alison Cobb – Porsche 911 Targa 4693

6th. Stephen Fitzgerald/Sarah Fitzgerald – Daimler V8 5732

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