Supercharged Ford F150 Shelby Pickup heads to Mecum Glendale Auction

Supercharged Ford F150 Shelby Pickup heads to Mecum Glendale Auction

2022 Ford F150 Shelby Pickup - Supercharged 5.0L/775 HP V-8, Automatic - No Reserve


775 HP Shelby Package
Shelby CSM 22ST0498
Supercharged 5.0L/775 HP V-8 engine
10-speed automatic transmission
Carbonized Gray with Black stripes
Gray leather interior with Red accents and stitching
Bucket seats with center console
Billet racing pedals
Carbon fiber intake
Painted tonneau cover
4-wheel disc brakes with Red calipers
Black alloy wheels
Window sticker
Shelby authentication certificate
Includes Whipple Supercharger Tomahawk V2 diagnostic computer, no. 12739


Getting back into the pickup market was no accident for Shelby American. The company saw an interest in a V-8-powered performance-built truck and responded accordingly. Supposedly the move had to do with customers wanting a V-8, not a twin-turbo V-6, that drove Shelby to produce its pickup. Showing a concept at the SEMA Show led to a slight frenzy from the media, which fanned the flames and sealed the deal.


This one is Shelby CSM 22ST0498, and it’s powered by a supercharged 5.0L/775 HP V-8 fitted with a carbon fiber intake system and backed by a 10-speed automatic transmission and stability and traction control. Finished in Carbonized Gray with black striping and a painted tonneau cover, it’s also equipped with tinted glass, specialized front end treatments and a host of other noir detailing, right down to the wheels. However, breaking up the darker mood are red calipers that bite down on the 4-wheel disc brakes. The interior features gray leather upholstery with red accents and stitching, carbon fiber trim, front bucket seats with a center console, billet racing pedals, a power seat, power windows, power locks, cruise control and navigation. The Shelby is accompanied by a window sticker, a Shelby Authentication Certificate and even a Whipple Supercharger Tomahawk V2 diagnostic computer, No. 12739.


Long in the business of producing some of the world’s most exclusive and best-performing cars, the latest generation of Shelby pickups has proven itself as a remarkable asset to the brand. According to Shelby, they are capable of thundering their way from zero to 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds; with that alone, anyone can ascertain this will cross the quarter-mile in a stunning time and top out at a level largely unheard of in the truck segment. By exclusivity, only a small handful are made every year, and each is prepped and tested by hand, creating a truly bespoke product.

Text & Image: Mecum

Auction: March 5 - 9

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