Hilton & Moss offers a remarkable four examples of the Aston Martin DB5

Hilton & Moss offers a remarkable four examples of the Aston Martin DB5

Hilton & Moss offers four examples of ‘the world’s most famous car’, the Aston Martin DB5, for sale at once

Hilton & Moss offers a remarkable four examples of the iconic Aston Martin DB5
Known as ‘the most famous car in the world’, perhaps the most iconic classic of all
Hilton & Moss, revered for offering the exceptional, give customers the choice of four cars
One in classic James Bond spec, Silver Birch paint, one in ‘California Sage’ and one in Pacific Blue
Final car is a blank canvas; a restored bare shell waiting to be built to customer’s requirements
Hilton & Moss known for its world-class restoration capabilities, based out of 100,000 sq ft (3.5 acre) state of the art facility near London

Hilton and Moss, the leading classic and performance car specialist, is proud to present four examples of the world’s most famous car, the iconic Aston Martin DB5, for sale at the very same time. The offering  - believed to be a world first - underlines Hilton & Moss’ position as a world-leading destination for the sale of exceptional classic and performance cars, whilst also underscoring its status as one of the world’s pre-eminent Aston Martin experts.


With this remarkable line-up of DB5s, Hilton & Moss, known for its expertise in classic vehicle sales and restoration, as well as manufacturer approved coachworks, offers the luxury of total choice. Customers can opt for a perfectly restored car finished in the iconic Silver Birch, an example painted in a distinguished ‘Pacific Blue’, or a recently restored car finished in a beguiling ‘California Sage’ green.


Alternatively, if a customer would prefer to specify their own DB5 from scratch, they’re also in luck. The fourth car offered is a blank canvas: a DB5 that has been painstakingly stripped back to bare metal. The restored shell now awaits a full restoration in Hilton & Moss’ sprawling, world-class workshops. Every last detail - from the exact specification of the engine, to the level of metallic fleck in the paint, or the colour of stitching applied to the carpets - can be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. It represents a unique opportunity to create the DB5 of your dreams.


Background on the DB5
The Aston Martin DB5 really needs no introduction. Often referred to as ‘the most famous car in the world’ it was instantly catapulted to icon status thanks to its starring role as the transport of a certain commander James Bond on the silver screen. Since making its debut in 1964’s Goldfinger it has continued to appear regularly, most recently in 2021’s No Time to Die, charming legions of fans in the process. In 2024, the DB5’s star shines as brightly as it ever has.


The DB5 was launched to the world in 1963 as an evolved version of the popular sporting DB4, which, when introduced in 1958, had heralded a new era for Aston Martin. Hand-built at Aston Martin’s new Newport Pagnell site, the DB5 was in production for just two years, with 1059 examples rolling out of the factory in total.


Beneath the effortlessly stylish aluminium body, penned by Touring of Milan, the DB5 featured an improved 4.0-litre Tadek Marek designed in-line six engine, putting out 282bhp in standard form, and 314bhp in high-performance ‘Vantage’ specification, thanks to the addition of Triple Weber Carburetors. Customers also had the option of a more modern ZF 5-speed manual transmission – which moved the game on significantly from the 4-speed DB4. Performance was very strong for the day, even the standard model would knock on the door of 150mph flat out, while the Vantage, of which only 65 were built – could stroll past it.


The impossibly glamorous DB5 was a great hit, not just with Bond but also the rich and famous. Over the years, notable owners have included Sir Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Jay Kay, Ralph Lauren and Elle Macpherson. The DB5 remains an enduring British cultural and design icon, a motor car that continues to be coveted by collectors around the globe.


The Hilton & Moss DB5 Collection
The range of DB5s offered by Hilton and Moss starts with a car finished in the iconic ‘James Bond’ specification with gleaming Silver Birch paint over a rich Black Connoly leather interior. This car was supplied new in September 1965 to actor and comedian Dick Emery, by Aston Martin’s oldest dealership – H.W. Motors Limited – now H.W.M. Aston Martin. In recent years it was treated to a full body-off restoration, as well as the fitment of a handful of carefully selected, discreet enhancements, including upgraded suspension, a Becker Mexico Retro in-car entertainment system, air-conditioning and selectable power steering. The engine was also recently rebuilt by Aston Martin Works to 4.2-litre factory Vantage specification at the cost of £57,000. A fine example in the iconic colour combination. Presenting in superb condition it is ready to be cherished and enjoyed, whether that be on the open road, or the concours lawn.


The second car is finished in the distinguished colour combination of Pacific Blue with a black leather interior. Delivered new in April of ’65, it was specified with the desirable 5-speed ‘box and has been in long-term enthusiast ownership until very recently, having been enjoyed to the full – on road as well as in FIA sprints, hill climbs and rallies. It has been fastidiously maintained, inside and out, by leading marque specialists. Recent works include a money no object revitalisation of the interior, a rebuild of the straight-six to ‘fast road’ 4.2-litre specification, the fitment of the transformative Harvey Bailey Handling Kit and the full rebuild of the 5-speed gearbox. It is now one of the best driving DB5s around.


The third DB5 available is a sympathetically restored example, finished in the beguiling, light green of California Sage. This 5-speed ZF equipped 1964 car was delivered by Brooklands of Bond Street in June of that year, and has remained in the UK since then, cherished by a succession of long-term owners. It was then comprehensively restored in recent years, with the works including a full-respray in its wonderful original colour. It now presents in exceptional condition inside and out.


The final DB5 on offer represents a unique proposition: the chance for a customer to specify their own, perfect DB5. It will be an icon tailor made for the owner, rebuilt from the ground up in Hilton & Moss’ sprawling, state-of-the-art restoration complex. The basis for the restoration will be a blemish free, restored DB5 chassis and shell, which has been exactingly prepared in Hilton & Moss’ manufacturer approved bodywork shop. Originally delivered in July ’64 via Brooklands in London, this RHD car travelled to the US before spending 30 years tucked away in dry storage. It now represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity, a blank canvas on which the new owner can render their DB5 dream a reality.


William Garrett, General Manager, Hilton & Moss, said: “We’re privileged to be offering this truly landmark selection of four Aston Martin DB5s for sale at once, something that no dealer has ever done before. With this sale, Hilton and Moss is offering customers something rarely afforded in the rarefied world of Aston Martin DB5s: the luxury of choice.


“As a world-leader in the sale and preparation of exceptional motor cars, we’re known for offering remarkable automotive opportunities, but even for us, this is something quite special. Seeing the four examples of the DB5 – an icon that’s loved and coveted in equal measure - lined up together, really is a sight to behold.”

The cars are available for viewing now at Hilton & Moss’ Hertfordshire showroom.  

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