AC Cobra GT Roadster hits the road

AC Cobra GT Roadster hits the road

The AC Cobra GT Roadster on the road for first client appointments
All new sports car from Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer
The true successor to the iconic AC Cobra of the 1960s
Production of the AC Cobra GT Roadster based at company’s UK facility

AC Cars, Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, has started the first dynamic demonstrations and experience drives with the stunning new AC Cobra GT Roadster, showing the sensational sports car to clients as well as VIP guests.


A key step in the production of the new AC Cobra GT Roadster, running from the company’s HQ and R&D centre at the historic Donington Park in the UK, the experience events provide a unique opportunity to see, hear and feel the sensational sports car.


Providing all the drama of a 663 bhp supercharged engine, and cloaked in a flowing carbon-fibre body, the iconic AC Cobra profile has been running on the public roads surrounding Donington Park as the famous marque continues its development work and shows GT Roadster clients just what they can expect.


With members of the engineering and production team on hand to share details of the car’s design, the appointments are all part of AC Cars’ commitment to keep its clients up to speed as the project progresses. Overwhelmingly well received, the AC Cobra GT Roadster remains on track to deliver on its promise of unmistakable styling and thoroughbred performance.


With a unique aluminium spaceframe chassis, a full carbon-fibre body and sonorous 5.0-litre V8 engine, the new AC Cobra GT Roadster is the true successor to the legendary car born in the 1960s. It represents a level of performance and exclusivity unheard of in any previous iteration of the AC Cobra.


Retaining the unique visual identity of the iconic roadster, the car is a combination of enduring aesthetics with cutting-edge design and construction techniques that catch up on 50 years of design evolution.


Significantly larger than the original AC Cobra, the new GT Roadster’s thoroughly modern ergonomics mean the car’s cabin accommodates drivers well over six-feet tall, and includes a modern drivetrain and control technologies to validate its grand tourer credentials.


Available in both left and right-hand drive, and with an automatic or manual gearbox, it delivers a remarkable driving experience in a highly limited-production vehicle. 


The recently announced brand centre at Donington Park joins the marque’s 100,000sq ft facility on the UK’s south coast, which will bring all the crafts and disciplines required under one roof, allowing the site to operate as AC Cars’ assembly centre.


Clients can now book an experience appointment directly with the AC Cars customer service team, while new customers can register their interest at

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