Toni Mulec from Slovenia overall winner of Hellas Rally Raid 2024

Toni Mulec from Slovenia overall winner of Hellas Rally Raid 2024

The 2024 Hellas Rally Raid wrapped up yesterday, capping off a challenging seven-day adventure through Greece’s toughest terrains. Riders and drivers from around the world showcased exceptional navigational and driving skills, pushing their limits in this renowned rally.

Over the course of the rally, competitors faced treacherous conditions that tested their abilities to the fullest. The event spanned diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to coastal trails, each stage presenting unique challenges. Competitors faced complex navigation tasks, demanding not only physical endurance, but also mental resilience and strategic thinking.


The final day of the Hellas Rally Raid 2024 featured a thrilling battle between Toni Mulec on the Husqvarna FE 450, who consistently led the race, and Jacopo Cerutti on the Aprilia Tuareg 660, always following a breath behind. Both riders showcased top performances throughout the week, culminating in a fierce competition for the stage. Ultimately, it was Toni Mulec who consistently achieved the best time of the day, adding to his incredible seven days of racing and ultimately declaring him the overall winner of the Hellas Rally Raid 2024.

Final Classification

Toni Mulec, SVN
Minaudier Loic, FRA
Leonardo Tonelli, ITA

Simniska Timas, LTU
Eristi Ejder Tekin, TUR
Bisaga Michal, POL

Riva Mattia, ITA
Iglesias Sanchez Eduardo, ESP
Perminas Lukas, LTU

Toni Mulec, SVN
Minaudier Loic, FRA
Leonardo Tonelli, ITA

Andrea Rocchi, ITA
Joly Stephane, FRA
Regent Julien, FRA

Francesco Puozzi, ITA
Aymerich Adelantado Guillem, ESP
Taylor Latouche, FRA

Jacopo Cerutti, ITA
Francesco Montanari, ITA
Kimon Karampelas, GRE

Anthony Baille, FRA
Martinez Gaetan, FRA
Antanas Kanopkinas, LTU

Hugues – Delfino, FRA
Manu – Faget, FRA
Severn – Gospodarczyk, GBR

Mansuy Lili-May, FRA
Biguzaite Raimonda, LTU
Rowe Stephanie, GBR

Forster Gerhard, GER
Erbach Jan Hendrik, GER
Cryer Stuart, GBR

Malle Moto
Mulec Toni, SVN
Antonello Sebastiano, ITA
Gird Matthew, GER

FIM Europe Overall
Mulec Toni, SVN
Minaudier Loic, FRA
Jacopo Cerutti, ITA

In the end, the Hellas Rally Raid 2024 celebrated not just the winners, but all who participated. Each competitor's journey was a testament to their passion for the sport and their unyielding spirit. The rally concluded with a vibrant awards ceremony, where the top performers were honored for their exceptional achievements.

Text Credits: Hellas Rally Raid
Photo Credits: Actiongraphers

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