Team BMW Dinamic signs Max Mugelli for Superstars 2013


The offseason for the SUPERSTARS INTERNATIONAL SERIES is raging and a new move is to report from Max Mugelli. The experienced Tuscan racer, who joined SUPERSTARS WORLD OF RACING in 2011, has signed with BMW Dinamic to drive one of the team's BMW M3 racecars in 2013. After a successful GTSPRINT stint aboard a Ferrari 430, Mugelli moved to SUPERSTARS last season, joining CAAL Racing on a Mercedes C63 AMG. In the last couple of rounds though, he switched to the BMW camp and cruised to a spectacular podium finish at Vallelunga. As he prepares to rejoin Maurizio Lusuardi and his team, Max stopped by to answer a few questions.How come you decided to return to SUPERSTARS for 2013?

First of all, I want to continue what I began last year, and moving away wouldn't make any sense. More than that, I feel I still have something to prove and to achieve. I think that SUPERSTARS is currently the most competitive racing championship of Italy and Europe. It's also a great package for my sponsors in terms of media visibility.

Before joining SUPERSTARS, you enjoyed a good stint in GTSPRINT, what are the main differences between the two series?

In GTSPRINT the overall level of the field is very high thanks to high-quality teams and drivers. Due to a couple of issues I couldn't go for the title, but I think the series will stay very competitive especially with the new race format. On the other hand, I wanted to be the only driver, so I'll know that every result, from practice to Race Day, is something that depends on me. In addition to that, there's a lot of contact in SUPERSTARS, with many close-quarter battles. Sometimes I also got involved in unavoidable contacts, but it's definitely a sensational show for the crowd.

You already raced with BMW Dinamic. What has been your first impression of the team and car?

I merged with the team immediately and I liked the car as well as it feels close to a Grand Touring racecar. Unlike with the Mercedes, the BMW M3 enables you to drive harder in the corners be faster on the mixed sections. It's also safe to say that we have not the same straightline performance of the C63 AMG which has more horsepower. The BMW is very reliable thanks to the awesome job done by the team. We are a family!

How are you preparing for the 2013 season?

Our car is still not ready yet but I can say that it will sport a completely new nose We hope to go for the first shakedown in a couple of weeks. Now I'm  100% focused in being in perfect shape. As always, I do a lot of gym and cycling, which is one of my passions.What's the best memory from the 2012 SUPERSTARS season?

The best memory is definitely being onto the podium at Vallelugna in front of 33.000 people! It's been an overwhelming emotion but it was also well-deserved because I pushed really hard to keep the Audis of Schffler and Morbidelli at bay.

What's your main goal for 2013?

I can't deny that I hope to be out front and why not, aim for the title.