Archie Hamilton debuts with Drivex for Winter Series testing

Drivex continued Winter Series testing at Circuit de Catalunya last week.

Italian driver Niccol Schiro, whodrove for the team on Thursday, was joined by London-born driver Archie Hamilton, who made his debut with Drivex and no less important with GT2-spec car. Both shared the Porsche 997 RSR 2012 over the course of the day completing thirty-six laps in Barcelona and having a positive feedback for the season-opener at Paul Ricard next month.

Hamilton experienced a quick adaptation to the Porsche even thoughthe car is rather different from the kind of GTS vehicles that hes used to. The He set very competitive lap times in comparison with more experienced drivers on track.

Over the next few weeks the team will keep working, not just at tracks but also in negotiations to determine the names of the drivers for the Porsche 997 RSR 2012 in the International GT Open. Schir, Hamilton and Argentine Matas Russo, who will test the car shortly, are the favorites to race with Drivex in this championship.

Miguel ngel de Castro: We leave this test in Barcelona quite happy. The car is very competitive and I think our options are pretty good this year. Im glad to see how quick Archie has got used to GT2 car taking into account its different from the GT3 driven by him last year. Niccol was as always very fast. We have important weeks ahead because its necessary to close the program in the GT Open as soon as possible.