Avon Tyres TTC Group MSA British Hill Climb Championship

Rounds 1 & 2: Prescott, 27-28 April

Former champion Scott Moran kicked off the 2013 championship with victories in both run-offs at Prescott.

Young charger Alex Summers recorded his best ever dry result with second in the first shoot-out. Roger Moran was third first time out, before coming second to his son in the second encounter.

Meanwhile reigning champion Trevor Willis revealed a new OMS car, taking sixth and third places.

Resultsround one1 Scott Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61X) 37.56s (BTD); 2 Alex Summers (1.3s DJ-Suzuki Firehawk) 37.98s; 3 Roger Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61X) 38.01s; 4 Wallace Menzies (3.2 DJ-Cosworth Firestorm) 38.17s; 5 Jos Goodyear (1.6 GWR Raptor Extreme) 38.18s; 6 Trevor Willis (3.2 OMS-Powertec 28) 38.25s; 7 Richard Spedding (1.6 Force-Suzuki PC) 38.26s; 8 Will Hall (3.5 Force- Nissan  WH) 38.35s; 9 Eynon Price (1.6 Force-Suzuki PC) 38.59s; 10 Deryk Young (4.0 Gould-Judd GR51B) 38.82s; 11 Simon Moyse (1.3s Gould-Suzuki GR59) 39.97s; DNF John Bradburn (3.5 Gould-Cosworth GR55)

Round two1 Scott Moran 37.77s; 2 Roger Moran 37.84s; 3 Willis 38.15s; 4 Hall 38.54s; 5 Bradburn 39.09s; 6= Summers & Young 39.84s; 8 Goodyear 40.03s; 9 Steve Day (1.6 GWR Raptor Extreme) 40.38s; 10 Graham Wynn OBE ((1.6 Force-Suzuki LM001) 40.57s; 11 Moyse 41.65s; 12 Simon Fidoe (1.1 Empire-Suzuki 002) 41.65s.

Provisional championship standings1 Scott Moran20 points2 Roger Moran173 Alex Summers144 Trevor Willis135 Will Hall10