Action packed Throckmorton Challenge

Train one day and drive the next in HEROs event on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October

The Throckmorton Challenge, organised by the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO), will see crews testing their skills and cars to the limit on Saturday 12th October at RAF Pershore in Throckmorton, Worcestershire.

Novice drivers and navigators are invited to take part in the Training and Briefing day on Friday 11th to learn the basics about Classic Reliability Trials with the option of staying over to put theory into practise on the next day.

Patrick Burke, joint Managing Director of HERO, said: Classic rallying continues to grow in UK and we want to encourage people to get involved and learn more about it. For this reason, we are again running the HERO Training and Briefing day aiming at equipping those who are new to historic rallying with the knowledge required to tackle any classic car event competently.

He added: The Training and Briefing sessions run a day before the Throckmorton Challenge, allowing participants to get a feel for classic rallying. Even if they dont have a suitable car, HERO could provide one through its Arrive & Drive scheme. Then, if they are up for the challenge, we encourage them to stay and take part on Saturday.

Peter Nedin, Hero's Event Director, said: "Throckmorton is a real challenge. The driving tests will vary in length and complexity but no two will be the same. Tests used more than once at a specific location will increase in difficulty on consecutive runs, making the event a genuine trial for both driver and co-driver.

He added: The tests will all be on the hard surfaces of the runways, aprons and adjacent roads of the airfield, and will run in three batches of five tests with a regularity between each oneeach batch just a little harder than the one before.

The Throckmorton Challenge is a qualifying round of the 2013 HERO Cup in association with EFG International, the clubs annual championship. It is also part of the Historic Rally Car Register's (HRCR) Clubman Championship, a series of events that are held throughout the country.

Patrick Burke said: Throckmorton has become one of the most popular rounds of the HRCR Championship and is recognised nationally as an important part of the classic car calendar.

The event is open to cars built before 1984 and will see crews tackling over 15 tests and a number of regularity sections on the airfield and through the Worcestershire countryside.

Throckmorton will also serve as a very good practice for both experienced and novice drivers planning to take part in HERO's most famous event LeJog, which takes place on December 7th-10th and sees crews competing against the clock and all the adverse weather conditions the UK has to offer in December, from Lands End to John O'Groats.

This event is sponsored by Premium Classic Cars who will be present at the airfield with a display of classic rallying cars and also competing as Phil Dunmore, principal of the business, will take part in the challenge.