Menezes wins ATS Formel 3 Cup at Hockenheimring

The weather conditions could not have been any better at the final event at Hockenheimring. 22 drivers from eleven countries competed for crucial points in the reversed-grid race under sunny skies. The start at the 4.574-km Hockenheimring proved to be tricky. In the end, Gustavo Menezes secured the victory in the Cup ranking. Thomas Amweg won the Trophy ranking once again.

He is contesting the ATS Formula 3 Cup for the first time. However, as the pole sitter in the reversed-grid race Russian Roman Beregech (Performance Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) had no luck. The driver from Moscow was not able to push forward at the start, causing a rear-end collision with Malay Nabil Jeffri (Eurointernational / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine), who was not able to take evasive action. It resulted in an early retirement for both. The race started with just under seven minutes remaining. American Gustavo Menezes (Van Amersfoort Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) pushed to the top, leading the grid ahead of Russian Artem Markelov and the champion from Leipzig, Marvin Kirchhöfer (both Lotus / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine). The Californian took his second victory in the probably shortest race of the current season after nine laps, setting a top speed of 172.2 km/h (107 mph) in the final lap. Finishing second, Markelov scored crucial points in the fight for runner-up title. Kirchhöfer finished third.

Double win for AmwegSwiss Thomas Amweg (CR Racing Team / Dallara F307 Mercedes) had a good race today. After winning the race in the morning, the 28-year old from Ammerswil secured the victory again in the afternoon. Hubertus-Carlos Vier from Inching (ADAC Team Nordbayern / Dallara F307 Mercedes) finished second and Freddy Killensberger from Wortelstetten (GU-Racing / Dallara F307 OPC-Challenge) third.

Gustavo Menezes: “I had to push hard right from the start. My tyres were good and I got off to a great start after the crash, which happened right beside me. The race was quite short, but my start was good and the car was fantastic! Everything went like clockwork.”Artem Markelov: “I tried to improve and I succeeded. I wanted to save my push-to-pass uses because up to the final lap I thought that Marvin would want to pass me. I will push even harder tomorrow and I want to score more points but I won't stress out.”Marvin Kirchhöfer: “I did not really benefit from the shortness of the race but I am still pleased with the third place. My start was good and I did not want to get in my team-mate's way. I did not get a chance to overtake Artem in a fair way. That is why I think the race went well.”Thomas Amweg: “I just cannot explain it. Everything went perfectly! It was an easy race, just a bit short. I did my thing. Just great!”