Edgar's Hyundai MSA British Kart Championship

Round 3: Shenington, 12-13 October

Lucas Orrock dominated with a pair of wins in wet conditions at Shenington but Daniel Borton took the championship title with second and third positions.

Orrock stormed through the pack in the first final and then recovered well from a poor start from pole position in the second. Quickly taking Matt Dittman, he then leapfrogged Borton and James Mudd on consecutive laps for the win. Dittman followed through. Orrock said: “I like it in the wet, when I see rain coming down it brings a smile to my face.”

Borton put his title down to consistency, saying: “All the others had some bad luck, we had consistent podium places.” Although fourth in the first final, Henry Easthope’s non-finish in the second kept the CIK-FIA U18 World Champion third in the standings.

Results – Final 11 Lucas Orrock (Tonykart)2 Daniel Borton (BRM)3 James Mudd (Energy)

Final 21 Orrock2 Matt Dittman (Tonykart)3 Borton

Final championship standings1 Daniel Borton – 454 points (CHAMPION)2 Lucas Orrock – 4393 Henry Easthope – 4154 Matt Dittmann – 4115 Joe Charlton – 402