A Healthy Dose of Energy before Winter


After a season full of excellent sporting results, with a long series of victories, Energy distinguished itself around the globe in November. In Europe, at the WSK Final Cup, Dorian Boccolacci climbed again onto the KF podium. In the US, Energy took on the challenge of providing its chassis to 72 Max Junior drivers at the 14th edition of the Rotax Grand Finals. Finally, its journey to Bahrain, in the Middle East, ended with several top-10 places for the Energy Corse team.

 The Energy company can definitely start the winter period with serenity and prepare for 2014 under the best auspices, after demonstrating again all its know-how and professionalism. Its results at the end of the season are proof of it...

WSK Final CupCooperation was perfect between Dorian Boccolacci and the Energy Corse team during a season marked by an incredible series of victories and podiums, as is rarely seen in the same sporting year. Just a few weeks after winning the last round of the German Championship (DKM) at Genk, the driver wearing the F1 Junior Team racing suit brilliantly conquered a second place in the WSK Final Cup at Castelletto. This major international meeting also saw the Dutch driver Ricardo Romkema rank 4th in KZ2, though he had just discovered his new Energy-TM kart.

Rotax Grand FinalsThe famous Rotax brand gave Energy proof of its confidence by entrusting it with the supply of chassis for the "Rotax Grand Finals" in the Max Junior (13-16 years) class. The Italian company sent over 70 chassis to New Orleans, since this event took place in the USA. Many drivers expressed their appreciation for the qualities and performance of the Italian karts on a very difficult circuit such as Nola Motorpark. The intensity of the final race confirmed how effective and uniform in terms of performance Energy chassis were, with the first five drivers of the final all passing in less than one second under the chequered flag! Representatives of the company also congratulated Simas Juodvirsis, who was an Energy driver in 2013, on his brilliant victory in Rotax DD2.

World Championship in Bahrain

Dorian Boccolacci played an active role on the circuit of Bahrain, which is close to the one used for the F1 Grand Prix. In KF, the French driver from Energy Corse conquered pole and kept his leadership at the end of the qualifying phase. He was constantly in the lead pack during the final phase, but unfortunately suffered some problems during the race and lost a few positions. Then he climbed up to 7th and managed to enter again the final top 10 of the World Championship. The Russian Egor Stupenkov and the Brazilian Giuliano Raucci - who took an excellent 6th place in KF-Junior - also entered the final top 10.