Injury hampers Landos performance in La Conca

ADD Motorsports driver Lando Norris put on a gutsy performance in the WSK Champions Cup – but knows the next few weeks of the season will be difficult as he recovers from injury.

Despite a double fracture to his wrist that he sustained in a crash at last week’s Winter Cup, the racer still managed a ninth place finish at La Conca.

But the 14-year-old admitted he was never really comfortable or able to be at the top of his game throughout the weekend.

He said: “I was struggling quite a bit with my wrist, it made things a lot harder.

“I did the best I could, but as the weekend wore on, it was starting to hurt more and more.

“I’m wearing a cast on track so it’s quite limiting on corners, but hopefully it will heal and I’ll be 100 per cent in three or four weeks.”

Lando struggled in qualifying, finishing 7th in his group and 15th overall.

He began Heat 1 in 11th place but felt unable to perform to his usual high standards, finishing 7th.

Engine problems in Heat 2 saw Lando bow out early with a DNS.

But he got his act together in Heat 3 and put a good show to finish 6th, although 22nd overall.

Lando started in 11th place in his pre-final but again felt unable put on a good showing. He finished 9th, but felt he should have finished a lot higher.

He began the final in 15th position and it was a case of ‘all or nothing’.

He began brightly, but as the race wore on and his wrist started hurting he found the going harder leaving him in 10th place at the end.

He added: “It’s been a disappointing start to KF. After doing so well in KFJ, I think I expected it to be a bit easier and then there’s the wrist injury on top.

“But I have to work a lot harder now and when I get myself to 100 per cent I hope to be doing a lot better.”