Engine problems for Oli Norris in La Conca

fail to take the shine off a great weekend for Oli Norris in La Conca

ADD Motorsports driver Oli Norris was left disappointed as engine problems put the brakes on what would have otherwise been a great weekend at La Conca.

The Glastonbury racer had been in impressive form up until the final of the WSK Champions Cup, when he found he could only race at 10mph for large periods.

However, it failed to take the shine off his overall performance which understandably left him excited about the season ahead.

He said: “The heats were really, really good, I was up with the leaders all the time which is where I want to be.

“We can say that for the whole weekend – apart from the final.

“It was frustrating as it was another random engine problem. This time my transmission just went.

“But to know we can be up there with the best is a really great feeling.”

Oli qualified in 5th in his group and 6th overall – an impressive start considering the team were expecting to be slower than they were.

He started in 4th place – and finished there – in Heat 1, but put on an even better performance in Heat 2 – starting third but finishing in second place.

Oli continued: “It was in the wet and we were really, really good. I could have maybe even taken first place if I’d pushed harder.”

Heat 3 saw Oli start in 3rd place and finish in 4th after a good battle.

Oli was second going into the pre-final, fell back to 8th after being overtaken on a corner, but came back strongly to finish 6th.

He got off to a great start in the final, managing to get up to 8th from 11th early on.

But despite keeping his focus, his transmission went, leaving him unable to compete.

By the time he could get going again, he was too far back to make any impression.

Oli added: “It was a much better weekend and everyone was impressed just how well we did. It was a really great team effort.

“Now we just want to get everything right and if it all comes together at the same time we know we can really do well.”