Successful start to the season for Rent4Ring Racing

Two Class Victories, one Podium, all five cars finished the race.

Rent4Ring Racing had a fantastic start to the VLN Long-distance Championship, which started Saturday. The new cooperation with Peter Bonk Performance showed best attributes for a successful season ahead. Following great race action with many exciting overtaking in the four classes, all of the five cars of Rent4Ring Racing cars saw the chequered flag. Even better, the Mazda MX-5 won in V3 with the Opel Astra OPC taking another team victory in the CUP 1 class.

Cl V4: BMW 325i - Number 491 - Drivers Fredy Lienhard and Ralph BeckFollowing the good lap times in Saturday morning´s qualifying, it was clearthat the 325i of Fredy and Ralph would be one of the top favourites for apodium finish. Fredy qualified the BMW on second grid position and took thelead coming into the second lap. The Swiss driver was able to keep five lapsahead of the Class V4 field when he handed the car over to his team-mateRalph. Despite a quick off through the grass area in the early part of therace, the first round of the season was a good result with achieving fourthplace in class.

Fredy Lienhard, Switzerland: ´I am very pleased with the weekend. We were always in a position to fightfor a top spot and our new team cooperation with Peter Bonk Performanceworked very well. It was a fantastic result for all of the team, which willgrow when the season is progressing. We have taken the first race as apractice and not to lose touch with the other participants until our BMW428i is ready to race. I am very much looking forward to the next race.´

Class V3: Mazda MX-5 - Number 515 - Drivers Anthony Toll and Dale LomasLast year, Brit Dale Lomas took behind the wheel for Rent4Ring Racing. Thisyear, he is running on the victorious car from last season alongside newteam-mate Anthony Toll: The Mazda MX-5. Since it was only Anthony´s thirdtime at the Nordschleife, he was going to take it step by step. After sixtimed laps and an excellence performance, the Mazda MX-5 qualified on PolePosition.At the start of the race, Anthony lost a few places in the first laps, butsoon found a constant rhythm. After swapping with Dale, the car showed greatspeed and handling and after no great problems, the Mazda MX-5 started theseason where it finished last year: By taking victory in Class V3.

Anthony Toll, Germany: ´I had a few problems at the start as I have only ever started a race threetimes prior to that. It was a bit hectic as there were so many cars.Unfortunately, I lost a few positions in the first laps, but we know afterDale’s great time in qualifying that we had a competitive car. We werelacking a bit of speed on the start-/finishing straight, but we made up forit around the Nordschleife. I am completely taken aback that we won today.It is a great result for my first race with Rent4Ring Racing in the Mazdaand an even better start to the VLN year.´

Class VT2: BMW 125i - Number 504 I Drivers Chiyo Katsumasa, Florian Strauss and Frédéric LédouxThe start to the season was for the team running on the BMW 125i a learningcurve. In Friday´s free practice, all drivers got to know the car and thetrack. But Chiyo´s successful qualifying lap on Saturday morning for placetwo promised for a good race. The Japanese driver was the first driver inthe cockpit and raced competitively from the beginning. After threeroutinized pit stops and driver changes, the Team took second place in theVT2.

Frédéric Lédoux, Belgium:´I am so pleased with my first VLN Race for Rent4Ring Racing in the BMW125i. The car was prepared fantastically and it race great. The team offeredme the best car and best material. I had a few problems with the automaticgear box at the beginning, but I kept calm and after a few laps I wascomfortable. I am super happy with the result and hope to race for Rent4RingRacing in the near future again.´

CUP 1: Opel Astra OPC - Number 347 - Drivers Jari Nuoramo, Juha Hannonen and Peter Bonk The CUP 1 class has been a very competitive group over the past year andtherefore the start to the season promised to be an action-packed race. TheOpel Astra with the number 347 qualified in third position in qualifying andafter the flying start, the Finn Jari Nuoramo took the lead in the firstlap. Right from the start, there was a greatly fought battle for the firstthree positions with follow competitors of Bonk Motorsport. But Jari kept acool head and following the early finish for both Bonk Motorsport cars, therace was free for Rent4Ring Racing to take CUP 1 victory.

Jari Nuoramo, Finland:´It is absolute fantastic for the team to drive to victory at the beginningof the season. Last year, we were still having the odd problem here orthere, but we always gave our best. Today, we also had a bit of luck andfollowing a great start I didn´t want to give the victory out of my hands.The CUP 1 class is a really competitive and strong group and therefore Idon´t see us as title favourite yet. But it is still an extraordinarysuccess for the whole team.´

Rent4Ring Racing congratulates all class winners of the first VLN Long-distance race.